Sunday, January 30, 2011


Most writers want publicity. We want to get our name and the name of our book in front of potential readers. But for the vast majority of us, getting the media interested in writing about us or our book is easier said than done. However, I ound one way that worked for me, and another that was successful for an acquaintance.

In my research stage I contacted a local print reporter who covered my topic - the crime beat - and asked for his assistance in compiling information on where certain types of crimes took place, who was likely to be the victim and who was likely to be the perpetrator. It took a little time, but eventually we met for coffee.

I believe the meeting was important in three respects. It provided valuable information in creating realistic scenarios for my story. It demonstrated to the reporter that I was serious about producing a good product. And it got the reporter personally involved in what I was doing.

After that initial meeting I remained in contact with my new friend, asking more questions and even having him critique my depiction of some criminal events as the manuscript moved forward. Within three weeks of the book being published it was the subject of two nice articles.

There is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't have gotten that attention had I not involved the reporter in my project.

Another writer I know used a different route to get herself in the media. She wrote a book about dealing with the loss of a child, how she coped with that devastation in her own life and how she was reaching out to help others.

Her road to the press wasn't a planned strategy, but resulted from her efforts to get speaking engagements. She approached local grief counseling groups and told them about her book and offered to do non-paid talks at their meetings. Her offers were well-received and before long she had multiple bookings.

In turn, these groups already had media contacts that were more than happy to promote their special events, such as a guest author/speaker. The publicity for those events produced even more bookings. It turned out to be a win-win for everyone involved.


Monti said...

Good points, Dennis. Reaching out to reporters is a good thing, but there aren't as many out there these days. At least not in our area.

Thanks for the article.


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