Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome Beverly Johnson to OTPblog!

My book, “A Door Opens”, by Bispo, is an e-book and I’m receiving great reviews from those who have read it. Letting people know about my book, is a challenge, because there is no book signing and nothing tangible for anyone to see or hold, but the book is there and it’s real.

When I announce to my friends, I have a published e-book, they look puzzled and ask, what’s an e-book? When I explain, they’re skeptical, and say they would miss turning pages, holding the “book”, and many more excuses.

What they don’t understand is, we are moving forward. The world doesn’t stand still for anyone. When the horse and buggy became obsolete, the new auto owners felt comfortable with the horse whip mounted close at hand on their new car. Not long after, the car owners learned to love their cars. I’m sure, one day; everyone will love their e-book; a huge library at their finger tips.

Libraries are going out of business every day. We had three book stores in Santa Maria, California. Now we only have a dollar book store and a used book store. We’re there folks.

The real winner is, our children. One day they won’t have to lug, to and from school, all those books on their backs. This is truly a blessing.


Beverly Johnson


G Thomas Gill said...

Beverly, I do believe you are correct. Even in Tampa, three Borders stores are closing. Between fast downloads and Amazon's free shipping, bookstores are fast becoming relics of the past.

Carol Crigger said...

Love my Kindle, but it hasn't stopped me from reading print books, as well. There's room for both.

Randolph Tower said...

You are right on and we hope some one will hit on a surefire method of promoting e-books

Robert said...

Beverly, Congratulations on publishing your e-book. They have certainly changed the way we read. Though I enjoy them when I'm traveling, I love perusing books on the shelves I've read. May they both survive changing times.

Holli said...

I love your cover! I have started calling all e-books Kindle books to other people, because it seems everyone knows what the term Kindle means, even if the e-book is not actually available on Kindle. Congrats on your book!

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Welcome, Beverly. There are Kindle boards and other place to promote your e-books. And you can do a lot of promoting on Amazon itself about your book.


Kit Sloane said...

Hi Beverly and congrats on the new book. I do wonder how the BISPO came to be your nom de plume? There must be a story there!


and to Randolph re a "surefire method of promoting ebooks," I'd add we need a surefire method of promoting anything. Nothing, at least in this business, is,sadly, "surefire"!

Barbara M. Hodges said...

I've been involved with eBooks for 15 years, Yes, I'v heard all of the comments. But things are changing. More and more people are becoming aware of them. I bought my first e-reader twelve years ago and my first book came out about the same time, first as an eBook. I've always believed they would be accepted as another way to read books. And yes, they can be bought at book signings. I know a writer who's sold copies of his book to other Kindle owners. They've chatted with him, said, "Oh yes, I have a Kindle." And downloaded his book on the spot. As far as something to sign that's what personalized post cards, bookmarks and bookplates are for.

And Beverly, if you are not a member of EPIC, then you should be. They are all e-authors, just like you.