Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tell Us About Your Book Launch Parties!

OTP author Ed Draugelis, whose novel, COLD WATER, is in production now has asked for ideas about launch parties. He says he has the place and some co-hosts and media lined up, but is looking for more tips and ideas for his novel's debut.

Sounds like he's on the right track to me...but what can we all suggest to him for this special event?

Billie Johnson

PS...this cover is not final...


CK said...

I've been wondering the same for my launch of TWO FEET BELOW.


Holli said...

Is he looking for ways to advertise to get more people, or on things to do during the party?

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice

BillieJohn said...

Hmmm...Holli...not sure. I will ask him.

Actually it seems to me that each author has his own unique spin on this event...there really is no right or wrong way.

The point is to celebrate the book's debut!

Billie Johnson
OTP Publisher

Holli said...

For the book launch for Gumbo Justice, I had a party in our bar, with a gumbo cook off, and the winner of the best gumbo, picked by the attendees, got to name a character in the second book, Jambalaya Justice.

The winner happened to be my cousin, I didn't vote, so there was no cheating, everyone voted by taking a marble and putting it in a cup in front of the pot of gumbo they liked best. Christie is actually my 2nd cousin, her mother and my grandmother were sisters (both deceased now), and both could cook a fantastic pot of gumbo--a skill I, unfortunately, did not pick up.

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice
Jambalaya Justice coming 2011

Sally said...

I'd say for "Cold Water" have water-related activities. Bob for apples in a tub of water, float rubber ducks in the tub with a number on the bottom for prize giveaways, serve watermelon & iced tea, set up a fish tank, decorate with blue tableclothes & streamers, hand out free bottled water for everyone. If there's a body of water where you live, like a pond or river, take publicity photos there.

Sunny Frazier said...

A big hit for me was ordering a cake with the book cover on it. Yeah, they can do that now, even the supermarket bakeries. It leaves quite an "impression." Who doesn't want people to be consumed by their novel? And, vice versa!