Thursday, June 16, 2011

The advantages of a series

The second signing on this year’s tour was at Treasure House, a small bookstore in a great location and on track to sell at least 500 Pot Thief Books in 2011. The one thing I noticed was that more than half of the people buying books were people I had seen at Treasure House in the past.

We stopped at Garcia Street Bookstore in Santa Fe the next day, and they agreed to add the Pot Thief books to their inventory. I offered to leave signed copies on consignment, but the manager said their consignment process was so complicated that he preferred to order from Ingram. The key lesson here is that he said that only after he learned that the books are returnable. We OTP authors are lucky to be with a publisher who has that policy. Adam, the manager, ordered the books while I waited. Only one of each, but it is a start. As most of you know, my primary strategy is to get as many bookstores as possible selling my books. Not just stocking them – SELLING them. Like all strategies, it is imperfect. I lost two more outlets this year who went broke, so adding Garcia Street helps blunt that loss.

The next day I signed at Otowi Station in Los Alamos. Sales were slow – about 10 books – but the store had me sign their remaining stock of about 30 books which means they expect to sell those. And I know they will reorder when they do. Otowi is one of the stores that prefers Ingram. Others order from me. Some order from Treasure Chest (a small distributer in Arizona not related to Treasure House Books). I don’t care where they get the books so long as they sell them.

The green chile breakfast burritos are a great start to each day.

Mike Orenduff


Sunny Frazier said...

I'm taking notes on your post. I hope to see more Hispanic-oriented manuscripts in the future, I predict it as the next big trend. This is the type of info I hope all of our authors take note and share their own contacts. This is how we cross promote and grow.

Kit Sloane said...

My Panamanian daughter-in-law who was my research and reference guide for the book I placed in Panama, LOCATION LOCATION, says she really looks for Hispanic AUTHORS rather than Hispanic-oriented mss. But I think every bit helps the cause of bringing us all closer together.


Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

I love writing about people whose roots are different than mine--have plenty in my own family--but what I've learned is the basic human goals, desires, fears, etc. are really the same.


Mike Orenduff said...

Good point, Sunny. Billie and I have talked about - just in fun - translating my books into Spanish. I don't think the sales would justify the cost of a good translator at this point, but who knows about the future?


Mike Orenduff said...


A woman who bought a book at my Albuquerque signing told me a Panamanian friend had told her this joke in Spanish: "Que hace el pez in la agua? Nada." Get it? I guess the reason the woman in Albuquerque had not heard this is that there aren't many fish in the desert.


Mike Orenduff said...


That is the primary philosophical message of my books. And that is why Hubie believes that artifacts - Egyptian, Mayan, Chinese, or Anasazi - belong to the human race, not just to one group. Of course, digging them up and selling them is a bit harder to justify. LOL