Saturday, June 11, 2011

Third Annual Pot Thief Signing Tour

The Third Annual Pot Thief Signing Tour is underway. It was designed to be easier on my car, my wife, and my wallet because it’s a slim-downed version of the first two. Fewer signings, fewer days on the road. It’s not that I lack my former enthusiasm for the peculiarly American tradition of a traveling huckster. It is just that my daughter, son-in-law and grandson are moving to Valdosta this summer, and I want to be there to help. And because the Public Safety Writers Association has scheduled their annual Las Vegas conference in July rather than June, that whacked a week off the schedule. So I figured when life gives you lemons, make a martini straight up with a twist.

After three days getting to El Paso, we arose this morning for a leisurely forty-five minute drive to Las Cruces and the first signing at COAS only to discover a flat tire. The doughnut that passes for a spare tire was in the trunk under 300 pounds of book. After lifting the book boxes to get to the spare, I had to then find the jack, a task only slightly more difficult that Robert Langdon’s task of finding the Holy Grail in The Da Vinci Code. I showed up at the signing sweaty and greasy, but I sold enough books to pay for the hotel bill and the tire repair. So much for the “easier on my wallet” idea.

Tonight we are in Socorro where we dined at Sophie’s while listening to two elderly gentlemen playing guitars and singing a combination of ranchero ballads and Hank Thompson honky-tonk. They saw that Lai and I were enjoying the music and dedicated a round of “I Love you cause you’re you” to us. God bless New Mexico – there is nothing else like it.

Tomorrow I sign at the mother ship – Treasure House Books and Gifts in Albuquerque’s Old Town where the books are set. Owner John Hoffsis has been featuring my books for two years, and I expect to have writers cramp by the end of the day. Fortunately, it is a malady that succumbs to a simply treatment of margaritas and enchiladas.


Peg Brantley said...

I love this for you Michael. You are one of the rare knights amongst writers. Married to a princess. My best wishes for your Albeuquerque time.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Margaritas and enchiladas cure a lot of problems! Best of luck on your tour.

Kit Sloane said...

Hope you can avoid the SMOKE from those terrible fires. Good luck on your trip. Summer finds us bound to the ranch. Ranch sitters are like baby sitters and they take vacations in the summer! But there are worse places to be bound to than in Northern CA!

all best,


Holli said...

Does this mean you're going to PSWA? I can't imagine the conference without you.

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice
Jambalaya Justice coming Summer, 2011

Donna Fletcher Crow said...

Selling enough books to pay for the hotel and tire repair is super! Have a great time--esp. in Old Town. I've only been there once, but loved it. Tell us more about Book 3. I look forward to reading it.

Mike Orenduff said...

Hi Peg,

Your are right about Lai. Who else would put up with a vacation of book signings?


Mike Orenduff said...

Hi Caroline,

I doubt that Roy Rogers drank margaritas, but you have moved beyond that now. Thanks for the comment.


Mike Orenduff said...

Hi Kit,

We have avoided the smoke, arriving in several places just after it left. But we cannot avoid the heat - 108 today. Wish we were in Northern CA.


Mike Orenduff said...

Wish I could make PWSA, Holli, but we have to confine the trip to June this year in order to help our daughter, son-in-law, and grandson move. Our son-in-law got a job at Valdosta State where Lai and I teach, so they are moving to our town!


Mike Orenduff said...

Thanks for the comment, Donna. Old Town hasn't changed, so I'm certain you would enjoy another visit if you get the chance. John at Treasure House would be glad to host a signing if you are ever out that way.