Monday, June 20, 2011

James Bond's martini recipe

Well I missed observing National Martini Day although there's always time to make up for that.


Interesting -- and new to me -- mystery-related blog. Not quite as good as OTPBlog, of course. But interesting....

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Mike Orenduff said...


Thanks for posting this. I didn't know about national martini day. It is my favorite drink. My wife gave me a fathers day card yesterday with an olive on the cover and the words "It's your special day." Inside there was a picture of a martini glass and "Drink as many martinis as you want to"

My favorite is 4 ounces of New Amsterdam gin from a bottle kept in the freezer (shaking room-temperature gin with ice waters it down). Rub a very thin piece of lemon peel (no pulp - just peel) around the rim of the glass and enjoy. The fist sip should stun.