Friday, July 22, 2011

Congratulations to Clark Lohr for knocking the Pot Thief out of first place in Amazon sales among OTP books. I knew Devil’s Kitchen would be a hit. Kudus also to Sunny and Billie for recognizing a good book and signing Clark for Oak Tree.

While on the subject, I also want to congratulate Holli. Gumbo Justice is always on these lists, and with Jambalaya Justice hitting the shelves, it too will do well and each book will coattail the other.

Good to see Fool Rush In on the list. When Sunny finds enough time between reading submissions and helping other authors, she will have an audience waiting for number three in this series. And Marilyn has two of her Rocky Bluff PD series on the list, not even including the most recent. Talk about coattails.

Finally, I haven’t yet read Dismal River, The Last of the Railroad Police or Dumpster Dying, but it’s good to know I can fill out my TBR list with books from my own publisher.

Mike Orenduff


Holli said...

Mike,no matter what happens to the rest of us, you will always have rock star status for the way you continuously put out fantastic novels that not only sell well, but also win contests. So toot your own horn as well, you certainly deserve it.

P.S. We really did miss you at PSWA this year!

Jambalaya Justice
Gumbo Justice

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Yes, Mike, you were missed at PSWA, hope you're planning on it for next year. And you are the OTP super star.


Mike Orenduff said...

Thanks, Holli. I really missed being at PWSA; seems from what everyone has written that it was the best yet. So what is book number 3 - Muffaletta Justice? I need a trip back to Central Grocery.


Mike Orenduff said...

Congrats, Marilyn, on another great program at PSWA. Wish I had been there to enjoy it.

Seems like months since I read Angel Lost. So what is next for my friends in Rocky Bluff? Does the new guy from L.A. figure in?


Sunny Frazier said...

I want you all to know that my nose is to the grindstone, my fingers are on the keyboard and I am pushing Christy into uncomfortable situations once again! I even found complete scenes written in notebooks years ago, including the climax. Although the plot has been in my head for quite awhile, the twists and turns still amaze me.

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