Friday, August 19, 2011

Publishing Options and Choices

We do have a lot of choices these days.

I know many authors are choosing to publish themselves on Kindle. Unfortunately, some haven't done the final editing and polishing--and others aren't even at the stage where they should be published.

I don't know about anyone else, but I went through many stages of learning about writing: First I was a voracious reader, so I knew what books were supposed to look and read like.

I subscribed to Writers Digest and read it from cover to cover.

I read many books on writing and publishing.

I went to writer's conferences.

And all the time I was writing and submitting.

I learned the most about writing from the critique group I joined in 1981 and still belong to.

Despite all that, I'm quite happy to have a publisher who takes care of the formatting, designing the cover, etc. etc.

That's my choice.



Kit Sloane said...

Everything that Marilyn mentions shows what a professional she is. She takes being an author seriously and acts accordingly. Too many writers, unfortunately, think only of instant riches (good luck on that!) and, as a writing teacher friend points out, don't realize that to write well takes WORK! And, no kidding, some people do it better than others. That's where talent comes in. All writers are not equal even though the new technologies allow everyone who desires to be "published," to GET published.

Keep up the good works, Marilyn!


Patricia Gligor said...

I enjoyed your post. I've gone through those stages too. At long last, I have two completed mystery/suspense novels, which have seen more drafts than a drunk who spends his days in the neighborhood bar.
When I read about writers who have gone through the stages and have found a publisher, such as yourself, I feel hopeful. Thank you!

john M. Daniel said...

Marilyn, clearly you've gone at this writing game systematically and successfully. As Kit points out, writing takes work, and so does authorship. I'd like to add that all the hard work pays off. Not always financially, but in currency of joy. I'd say anybody who sticks with the work of writing well does it for the joy of it. I'm sure you do. It shows.

Monti said...

So many books without quality edits cannot be good for the industry. Like you, Marilyn, I've been at this for quite a while. Much of what I've learned came as a newspaper and magazine freelance writer. Those editors taught me a lot!


Melanie Jackson, author, editor, piano student said...

And there's always the one in a million success story of someone who self-published an e-book. Justification for who knows how many writers to flood the same route. Yet that one author is the anomaly.

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Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Loved all your comments. Kit, we always agree, I've got to run into you again one of these days so we can giggle and make fun together.

Pat, never, never give up. If I'd had good sense I would have after the first 30 rejections--and I accumulated many more along the way.

John, thanks for your comments, love it when people agree with me.

Monti, I think you're like me, you write because you must.

Melanie, I totally agree, we all need editors, even the best sellers.

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