Sunday, August 14, 2011

Speaking of Lion's. . . .

I went to the Lion's Club in Hanford as a guest speaker. They DO like their beer! They tried to get me to chug, but I don't drink when I'm presenting. However, I was in the Navy and won a few chugging contests. . . .They served BBQ chicken at the free buffet-- too bad I don't like white meat.

Sold $70 worth of books, did give-aways of 3 books, a horoscope and to be a character in A Snitch In Time. They want to give me a book launch.

Did you know Lion's Club was promoted by Helen Keller? Their mission is to give eye care to the needy. They also put on a beer fest around here.


C.K.Crigger said...

I'll have to see if we have a local chapter and get in contact with them.

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