Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blogging 101

After going to Central Coast Writers Conferences and hearing about blog etiquette, I just have to comment here on what a blog should do.

This blog is for Oak Tree Press and when we post we need to do the best job ever.

A blog should have something interesting to say, give a report about something that happened, certainly should promote new books by Oak Tree Press. Reviews from Oak Tree authors would be most appropriate on this blog. Authors love promotion tips.  A blog post should have between 200 and 500 words.

Every blog should have content and not just a URL to take someone away from the site.

If you want someone to go look at another blog you're on, fine, but first write something of interest, at least something about the blog, why you're there, anything that will be of interest, then put the URL.

If you have photos to share, put them up, they always perk up a blog.

When you do post, promote the blog. Go to Facebook and all the other places you frequent and let them know you put something new on the OTP blog so others will come and read the blog.

Hoping this will help the OTP blog to be a place readers frequent because of the content that appears here.



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