Monday, September 26, 2011

News Flash from Bouchercon

Boy, I really don't like coming in on top of the news about LINGERING SPIRIT! But I need to share a little about our trip to Bouchercon!

Jeana and I arrived about noon, and headed straight for the dealers room. Along the way, we bumped into Beth, the conference organizer for Killer Nashville, and had a chat with her. Also we spent a lot of time perusing the goodie tables and picking up interesting things, and notices of upcoming events.

In the dealer room, we chatted with several booksellers and Jeana handed out our catalog ... our BEAUTIFUL catalog. And presto! There was Radine Trees Nehring and her husband!

Then we connected with Mike Black and Shauna, who passed on celebrity bowling (I think!) to spend a little time with Jeana and me in the hospitality room.

It was a fast trip, but excellent. Now we are scheming to see if we can pull off attending LOVE IS MURDER!

Bouchercon is HUGE, but this one seemed really well-organized and well-laid out. This is a "movable feast" conference, so when it comes to your area, attend!

Billie Johnson


paper writing said...

Thanks for this post! i really enjoyed reading it!!!

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Why didn't this post come up first? Love the pics of Bouchercon. Good to see Radine and John, and Mike and Shauna.


Sunny Frazier said...

Can't you dish further? Would love a post from Jeana telling of her first mystery con. Nothing like starting at the top! Bouchercon is overwhelming for us old-hands, but for a beginner--WOW!

Jeana_OTP_PR said...

I was extremely excited going to Bouchercon. When I got there it was alot bigger than I had anticipated, maybe even a tad overwhelming at first. However it did not take me long, to get my feet wet and start doing what I do ...plug OTP and our authors. I met quite a few people , everyone was very nice and quite surprised to say the least that OTP has a promo department. My only regret was that time did not allow us to stay longer than we did.I look forward to attending more as I can.

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