Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meeting Other Authors

During my years as an author, I've met so many wonderful authors. I've met them at book fairs and festivals, at writers conferences and mystery conventions. Many of them are OTP authors and many of them aren't.

I once had someone ask me why writers supported one another since we are essentially in competition. My answer, because we are also all readers and we are happy to see someone's success.

I met Mike Orenduff before few knew about his wonderful Pot Thief books. Now his series has become quite popular and he's won several awards for his various books. I've written reviews of his books because I love them--and he's done the same for me.

At the PSWA conference PSWA I've met even more OTP authors. I've also met other authors there who have become my friends.

M.M. Gornell is an author friend I met first at a book festival organized by OTP acquisitions editor and author, Sunny Frazier. Madeline (M.M.) have since been at several other book festivals and writing conferences together including PSWA. Today she's featuring me on her blog at and while I'm mentioning that, remember, any OTP author who'd like to be featured on my blog all you have to do is email me at

I could go on and tell you about other OTP authors I've met who are now my friends, but the post would be far too long.


Patricia Gligor said...

Meeting other authors (even if it's online rather than in person) has been an added bonus of the marketing process for me. I've "met" so many wonderful people, including, of course, you!

Sunny Frazier said...

I love putting a face to a name of authors I've read or communicated with over the years. And I love that even famous authors put their credentials aside to sit with the rest of us in conference rooms to listen to their peers.

We are, for the moment, all equal. It's a great experience. said...

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