Sunday, April 1, 2012

Clark Lohr: OTP authors at Left Coast Crime.


Marta Chaus

Lots of OTP authors at Left Coast Crime. I took some pics and I hereby post them. LCC Mining for Murder worked for me. Lot of fun. I met Sunny and Billie for the first time. Sunny got me published.  If you haven't heard the story it goes like this:  A couple years ago Susan Cummins Miller ( forwarded OTP info to me.  I submitted in hard copy, then forgot about it.  Months later, my daughter told me to join the 21st Century and get on Facebook. One of the first messages I got was from somebody I never heard of asking, "Are you the author?"  I figured it was somebody from eastern Europe trying to steal my credit cards so I answered along the lines of: "Who wants to know?" Turned out it was Sunny I'm published, I get royalties, and a chance to hang out at Left Coast Crime conventions.  I was a wedding photographer for years; I went to a trade school for photog. I've posted pics of OTP authors and some pics of the LCC Awards ceremony.  Also, Janet Rudolph and what was left of her birthday cake after a room full of people rushed it. Janet publishes MYSTERY FANFARE online.  Great resource for mystery fans and mystery authors.

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Sunny Frazier said...

Who knew we were getting a professional photographer along with an author--two for the price of one!

Clark was picked out of the slush pile and one of my early acquisitions. I know a good manuscript when I see one. It was a pleasure to meet him and I later met his AZ SinC group. I hope to build strong ties with them.