Sunday, April 1, 2012

Clark Lohr: OTP authors at Left Coast Crime.


Marta Chausee


L to R: Sunny Frazier, Morgan St. James, Steve Scarborough, Billie Johnson.

Front row L to R: Marilyn Meredith, M.M. Gornell.  Back row L to R: Susan Cummins Miller, Clark Lohr, Vicki Doudera. Occasion: Panel Discussion on small presses.

Lots of OTP authors at Left Coast Crime. I took some pics and I hereby post them. LCC Mining for Murder worked for me. Lot of fun. I met Sunny and Billie for the first time. Sunny got me published.  If you haven't heard the story it goes like this:  A couple years ago Susan Cummins Miller ( forwarded OTP info to me.  I submitted in hard copy, then forgot about it.  Months later, my daughter told me to join the 21st Century and get on Facebook. One of the first messages I got was from somebody I never heard of asking, "Are you the author?"  I figured it was somebody from eastern Europe trying to steal my credit cards so I answered along the lines of: "Who wants to know?" Turned out it was Sunny I'm published and I get a chance to hang out at Left Coast Crime conventions.  I was a wedding photographer for years; I went to a trade school for photog. I've posted pics of OTP authors and some pics of the LCC Awards ceremony.  Also, Janet Rudolph and what was left of her birthday cake after a room full of people rushed it. Janet publishes MYSTERY FANFARE online.  Great resource for mystery fans and mystery authors.


Anonymous said...

What a great event. It's wonderful to watch such a successful small press as it promotes work that the world wants to read. I wish I could have been there and been a part of the great work you are doing!

--John Brantingham, author of East of Los Angeles

marta chausée said...

Clark-- you are a force! It was so grand meeting and being with you. Thank you for my glamour author portrait. I hope to see you at future conferences.

Marta Chausée
Resort to Murder
A Maya French mystery

Bonnie Hearn Hill said...

Sorry I missed seeing you. This was a wonderful event. I went with Chris Poe and his wife.
Congrats, Marta. I didn't know your book was coming out. Let me know when that happens.


Bonnie Hearn Hill

Anonymous said...

Hey Clark, where are your photos of me? My friends want to see them.
Sally Carpenter

Sunny Frazier said...

Seriously, Marta, you need to save that photo for the back of the book and for promotional opportunities. It's a stunner!

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

You take great photos, Clark! Thanks for posting them.


Anonymous said...

Where was the birthday cake? I missed out on that.
Sally Carpenter