Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oak Tree Press Authors

Just wanted to remind everyone to have a facebook page you can find me on there under Jeana Thompson . I also started an authors page a while back where I am posting reviews etc.... I highlight one Author at a time . I am trying to be better about staying up on the page. I seem to get swamped at times and do my best . So look for Oak Tree Press Authors page once your on facebook !!!!

heres the link


Shalanna said...

Jeana, I'd recommend that you check your spelling and punctuation in this post and correct it. It behooves an author to get the mechanics right, just as it is fitting for a carpenter to know his tools. I realize it seems more informal on Facebook, but we are held to a higher standard as authors. It may not seem fair when others are using a nearly incomprehensible leetspeak, but once we claim to be authors, we're judged by our comma splices and other mistakes. Just a heads-up.

Also, I'd like to remind everyone to keep personal posts off your author account on Facebook or your blog (Twitter is tougher--you constantly see people tweeting "I just ate a taco") because you want to create a brand with your books and you don't want people (stalkers) to feel they're your Close Personal Friends. A good way to do this is to have a Facebook page under your pen name the way I have.

Shalanna said...

Jeana--I've just realized that I may have come across too strongly in my previous comment. Yet it's the work of a couple of minutes to change "your" to "you're" and make that first sentence into two in the original post. And then there's nothing anyone can carp about.