Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Besides writing fiction....

I've been busy editing the BOOK my high school teacher son Jonathan's honors English class wrote! These kids are FRESHMEN (about 15-years old) and they wrote a "survival guide" for teenagers in high school. Jonathan made up a work sheet of 14-different essay topics and they self and group edited and wrote for four months. I initially thought he said it would be 38 pages long, but he said 38 STUDENTS and each wrote 4-5 essays and poems. The book came to 600 pages! Needless to say, we all did a lot of work. The amazing thing was, to me, how absolutely GREAT these essays are. Most of these students come from every origin you can think of and many from non-English speaking parents. I only changed typos and obvious mistakes—most important was to have each student's "voice" come through loud and clear. The essays ran the gamut from hilarious to heartbreaking. Great stuff! And, fortunately, my son had taught them grammar and punctuation very well indeed, though we did have a phone discussion about the use of semi-colons...

So, thanks to Amazon and Createspace, he handed out the books today, the last day of school. What a thrill for all. And he's already been approached by some graduate classes in education since they realize that this is something ALL teachers and would-be teachers could really benefit from reading. 

If you'd like to take a look, go to

And if that doesn't work, it's called This is our Beginning and is available on good old Amazon.

Now, back to fiction!

Kit, a very proud parent


Anonymous said...

Kit, this is so wonderful on so many levels...I am delighted to know you took time from your writing to participate in a project like this.

I hope the book is a great success!

Billie Johnson
Oak Tree Press

Kit Sloane said...

Thanks, Billie. It already is a success for the kids. Jonathan said the books arrived yesterday, the last day of school, and on this huge, urban campus, it was the hit of the day. Everyone was signing everyone else's book and the honors freshmen were the kings and queens of the school, at least, for the day. Also, as my professor husband points out, helping write this book will look terrific on any and all college applications. Finally, a win-win-win situation!

As Jonathan writes in the intro, it makes him so proud of his (much maligned) profession as a public school teacher!