Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Unusual Book Venues
I'm on the lookout for unusual places to sell my books.  Writing children's stories, I now have three books published with Oak Tree Press. So far, I have managed to stock my books at Whiz Kids Toy Store, Loma Linda Medical Center gift shop, The Seven Sisters Gallery in Morro Bay, The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, The Gallery at the Network and other such venues, as well as several independent bookstores. Unfortunately, the local Barnes and Noble bookstore will not carry my books except for special orders because they are POD books, so I have turned to non-traditional places where I can sell my books. Anyone with any other ideas, let me know. Thanks, Beryl


Shalanna said...

Last month, we had several art shows here in town, one of them at the large park downtown (Cottonwood Park--complete with creek and cottonwoods). Along with the paintings and prints and sculptures and "funny" artwork were a couple of people selling their children's books with stuffed animals to match. I suspect they had gone to a dollar store for a basket of identical stuffies that would go with the themes of their books, but it didn't matter to the kiddos, who stopped and yowled until the parents came over to look at the books. It was an unusual venue and a lot of hand-selling, but I could see where it might move books. The great part might be that you could give out your cards, tri-folds, postcards, or whatever, to people who might later look your books up on the net. I collected a ton of these materials and always refer back to them if I have a gift in mind. I particularly like to visit the musicians' (CD sales) and jewelry makers' websites, along with the book people's sites. You might even think about getting a table at a large flea market! Just to see what might come of it.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Craft fairs work well for children's books. Adult books too. I've often been next to a children's book author at the Apple Festival in my hometown of Springville--I always do well, but she does better.

Beryl Reichenberg said...

Thanks Shalenna and Marilyn for your comments. I particularly like the idea of stuffed animals with the books. Beryl