Saturday, August 25, 2012

Marketing and Social Networking

Authors might think that marketing books using the social network is different from marketing in other media. Reading an article in the latest Digital Photo Pro magazine, I realize that marketing strategies for selling photographs by professional photographers are similar for marketing our books.

The article points out that "having a lot of followers  (of your blog, Facebook Page, etc.) with no clear idea of what to do with them will help you very little" and that there are three important strategies in using social networking: l. "Rather than looking for short term gains", think of the long haul to increase website traffic or followers for your Facebook page. 2. Build a community for  your blog or Facebook page or other sites through interaction with your fans to develop a loyal following. 3. Share interesting information from other sources and start a dialogue.  Basically, your page or blog should not be "all about you" but should be a balance between describing who you are and engaging others in interesting topics and content.

I found this article helpful as I ponder the use of social media and blogging sites in my marketing strategies for my own children's books. What do you think? Beryl


Harry Smith said...

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Beryl Reichenberg said...

Thanks Harry.

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