Friday, October 26, 2012


Bubble, blubble, toil and trouble, what are our authors cooking up for Halloween? Cora offers true ghost stories, Chris podcasts over at The Big Scary Show, Marja writes fright and Monti gives her spookiest best this week. All that and more on the Friday Round-Up. 

Mike Black will visit Chicago's ALTERNATE REALITY COMIC BOOK SHOP this weekend for signing his new novel and also his fully illustrated collection of super hero short stories, DOC ATLAS.

LORNA COLLINS mystery “Ghost Writer” will be signing Oct. 27 from 8-2:30 at Laguna Woods Village, Clubhouse 7, Laguna Woods, CA. A review is up over at  Kings River Life. Comment to win a book!
J.L. GREGER, author of “Coming Flu” will be teaching a class and signing books on Nov. 1 at Macy's, Coronado Mall, Albuquerque.
CHRIS KULLSTROEM, author of the interactive game, “Deadly Roles,” will do a podcast interview for The Big Scary Show.

MARJA MCGRAW, author of  “Bogey Nights” and “Bogey's Ace in the Hole,” has a Halloween blog telling you how to write fright:

Renown astrologer Hazel Dixon-Cooper relates her true ghost story over a CORA RAMOS' blog:

BERYL REICHENBURG'S children's book “Camouflage” is now on the shelves of Big Sur Library.

Rabbi ILENE SCHNEIDER, author of the soon-to-be-published “Unleavened Dead” discusses Big Publishing vs. small presses:
Visit the National All Media Exhibition at Petersburg Regional Arts Center before Nov. 3 to see MARY MONTAGUE SIKES' watercolor.  She's also featured over at Hot Ticket for her book “Secrets By the Sea.”,0,1335128,


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