Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Do You Ever Have Blogging Remorse?

By W. S. Gager
Starting on Nov. 26, I am participating in the Murder We Write Blog Tour hosted by Anne K. Albert, who does a terrific job. Last year was my first one ever. It is a great experience and can be a lot of work and can be stressful until the posts are done. Fellow OTP author Marilyn Meredith invited me last year. That isn’t what I want to talk about though. 

For the blog tour, I did a really controversial post that will appear Dec. 6 on Earl Staggs blog. He wanted a piece on the future of bookstores, paper books and internet bookstores. With all the chatter about Amazon removing reviews and tags, it hit me that when an entity gets really big, it becomes powerful, maybe too powerful. Then my imagination took off.

I explore that but now that it is done and ready to roll on Dec. 6, I’m nervous. If Amazon doesn’t like it will my books disappear from its annals? Is Big Brother from 1984 by George Orwell come to fruition but was he off by 28 years? It remains to be seen what comes from it. I usually don’t do controversial. I save that for Sunny and her tell all exposés, but, just maybe, she is rubbing off just a bit. 

Is there such a thing as blog remorse? Have you ever published a blog that got a lot of attention that you didn’t intend? Or wish you hadn’t said anything?

PS: A Case of Volatile Deeds, the fourth in the Mitch Malone Mystery Series, comes out in February. Stay tuned for more updates.


Julie Luek said...

Congratulations on the book and tours. You're in an enviable position to get enough notice and attention to have "blogging remorse". I'm working on it and hope I have it someday. ;)

VG said...

This is so cool..thanks so much for the info. Love it!

WS Gager said...

Julie: Thanks. Keep working on it, you will get there.

VG: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

W.S. Gager on Writing

Beryl Reichenberg said...

We all say or write things we have second thoughts about, sometimes what we have said or how we said it. I doubt if Amazon is so petty that they would remove books for just stating your opinion. So, it it is your "truth", then you need to say it as long as you say it in a way others can hear and not become defensive. That applies to blogging as well as life. Good luck. Beryl

G. B. Miller said...

I wrote what I thought was funny post poking fun at myself, and it contained the phrase "white trash".

Even though I used for to describe myself, I had a loyal reader get just a tad upset with me over it.

Since I do care about the hardcore readerst that I have, I wound up posting a thoughtful apology to her on her blog for using the phrase.

WS Gager said...

Beryl: That is such good advice. Thank you for sharing it.

G.B.: Sometimes it is the things we don't think about that get us in trouble. I will remember yours! Thanks,

W.S. Gager on Writing

Sunny Frazier said...

I blogged on ageism and got barraged by people who disagreed. But, I stand by the post. And that's the important thing--be brave to post your views and let the fur fly. I find blogs that play it safe BORING! I love being snarky, but not vicious. Humor lessens the bite (well, I think I'm funny).However, I really have a point to make when I take time to write a blog and I want it to make an impact.

Plus, after you reach a certain age, you don't give a darn what people think of you. There's always someone out there waiting to be offended.

WS Gager said...

Thanks Sunny. Great advice as usual. I need to get out of that boring rut a bit more.
W.S. Gager on Writing

marja said...

Yes, Wendy, I have. Now I can't wait to read your controversial blog.