Friday, November 30, 2012


I don't know how Oak Tree Press authors have time to Christmas shop or hang decorations—they all seem to be out there doing promotion! Looking for books to stuff your stocking or author-friendly sites for marketing? Ho, ho, ho, just check below!
TERRY AMBROSE, author of soon-to-be-published “License To Lie,” revealed the biggest challenge that he faces as a writer as well as his answer to the oft-asked question, "Which is most important, character or plot?" 
He also participated in The Next Big Thing blog chain on his website at on Tuesday. And, on Friday, was a guest on the Mystery Writing is Murder blog where he talked about the importance of "The Next Paragraph."

You can listen to MARK BOUTON, author of  the FBI thriller “The Sacrifice,” on

JOHN BRANTINHAM, author of soon-to-be-released “Mann of War,” talks about doing readings and meeting people face-to-face as part of the promotion process at  He also has reviews up for OTP titles “A Midsummer Night's Gunfight” (by JASON HUNT); “Walk-In” (by HONORA FINKELSTEIN and SUSAN SMILY); and “Who's Got the Money?” (by MORGAN ST. JAMES and MEREDITH HOLLAND). And, if that wasn't ENOUGH, he just got word that is poetry book is going to be published with Moon Tide Press. He's not waiting 'til Christmas to celebrate!

It's a triple-header over at Kings River Life as Lorie Ham does interviews with STEPHEN BRAYTON (“Alpha”); MORGAN ST. JAMES (“Who's Got the Money?”); and SUSAN VONDRAK (“No Evidence of a Crime,” and “The Evidence is Clear”).

On his own blog, Stephen discusses how much background material should go into a novel.

LORNA COLLINS, author of “Ghost Writer,” will be at the holiday Boutique on Saturday from 10-4  at Del Obispo St, San Juan Capistrano. Over on her website she takes issue with plotting issues in recently read novels.

MARTI COLVIN, author of “Blue Ice,” is being interviewed at

Over on LESLEY DIEHL (“Dumpster Dying”) discusses what writers can learn from Agatha Christie and Dorothy Gilman about creating senior sleuths that last over the decades.
The TBR blog, hosted by Cate Masters, is a strong supporter of Oak Tree Press. This week she has an interview with WILLIAM DOONAN (“American Caliphate”) and TERRY AMBROSE.

MARJA MCGRAW, author of  “Bogey Nights” and “Bogey's Ace in the Hole,” got a last minute invite to sell books at Santa's Hualapai Wonderland from 1:00-5:00 on December 1. It will be held at the Haulapai Mountain Park, Kingman, AZ.
Over on her blog, Marja finds you can learn something about writing while target shooting. 
Who can keep up with MARILYN MEREDITH??? She's at three blogsites this week to talk about her Deputy Crabtree series and her Rocky Bluff police series.
Over at  she gives her opinion on what's going on with publishing. She interviews characters from writers at Leave a comment for a chance to win a book.
BERYL REICHENBURG announces that her children's books are on sale at Hatch, an eco-gift shop in Monteclaire Village, Oakland; as well as Chaucer's Books in Santa Barbara. She blogs about sales outlets at  
MARY MONTAGUE SIKES, author of Daddy’s Christmas Angel, talked about her writer’s journey to the Christopher Wren Society at the College of William and Mary. She read her short story at the Chesapeake Bay Writer’s Club All Stars competition. She had a book signing featuring A Rainbow for Christmas at the College of William and Mary Barnes & Noble store. Daddy’s Christmas Angel was featured on the front page of the Lifestyles section of the Tidewater Review. Monti was featured in an article in the Petersburg Progress Index.
Rabbi ILENE SCHNEIDER, author of the just released “Unleavened Dead” will speak at the NJ Authors Network on Dec. 4, 7 p.m. At the Ocean County Library, Toms River. Ilene also has a book launch party on Dec. 9, 4:30 p.m. at Barnes and Noble in Marlton, NJ
MORGAN ST. JAMES, author of “Who's Got the Money?” will be doing a podcast on Jeff Bushman's on Dec. 5. A listing for the book will be live for 5 months on the USA Book News with a link to


Julie Luek said...

Busy writers-- on the way to success!

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

I do wish success did come right along with activity.

Beryl Reichenberg said...

I agree with Marilyn. We just keep trying! Thanks, Sunny for your help, Beryl

Sunny Frazier said...

Am I too optimistic? The alternative is to do nothing. Plus, how does one define success? When I think of all the authors who will never see publication, I feel very successful.

marja said...

Well, I'm just catching up. I've had computer problems for the last few days. Love this Friday Round-Up! It takes me to great places.
Marja McGraw