Thursday, December 27, 2012

99-cent Contest-Winning Mystery on Kindle!

ATTENTION ALL THOSE WHO GOT A KINDLE FROM SANTA! (Or who have a Kindle and are able to read on it easily! I know some people only read on paper, for various reasons. Get the paper versions of the books instead--I'll wait. LOL)

NICE WORK by Denise Weeks, the winner of the 2011 Dark Oak Contest and the first book in the Jacquidon Carroll mystery series, is 99 cents on Kindle until the end of the year!

Jacquidon Carroll thinks she has problems after she's diagnosed with diabetes and is laid off from her job the same week, but that's nothing compared to becoming a suspect in the murder of her ex-boss Yancey two days later. Can she get access to the evidence she needs to prove that Yancey was killed by his new employee, a young woman he "recruited" from an Internet sex site to participate in his erotic games--the same woman he then put into Jacquidon's job after "downsizing" her out? (Readers get a whimsical peek into the BDSM/S&M lifestyle, but it's seasoning rather than the meat of the story, and it's all in good fun. Nothing explicit, all played for laughs.)

MURDER BY THE MARFA LIGHTS, the first book in my other mystery series, is now FREE for Kindle until the end of the year!

Ariadne French finds herself in a morass of eccentric characters and paranormal ghost lights when she inherits her late fiance's estate in Marfa, Texas, but discovers that his death was no accident. Moreover, weirdness rules as she digs deeper and attempts to figure out Aaron's legacy, an encryption scheme that he was offering to various corporate buyers--and that might have gotten him killed. Enduring everything from attacks by Aaron's family to a chase through the desert by the Marfa lights, Ari discovers truths about herself and others as she unwraps the "gift package" that has been bequeathed to her and goes after the murderer.

Note that other Oak Tree Press books are also in this .99 promotion. (Read the blog.) You're really in tall cotton!

It SNOWED here in Dallas on Christmas Day. What an event. We broke the record for low temp, too, by going to 19.5 degrees. Ridiculous! California, here I come! (Pray that Doris Day's hotel in Carmel can stay open until I can get there with my Pomeranian Teddy someday. We have always wanted to go.)

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