Thursday, December 27, 2012

Join the crowd rushing to  AMAZON'S KINDLE SITE for the big sale of e-books by Oak Tree Press

Coming Flu by JL Greger is one of the books on sale. It's the perfect read in January as you try to avoid catching the flu.

Well just read a synopsis to this medical thriller.

When a mysterious flu breaks out in La Bendita, a walled community near the Rio Grande, the lives of its residents change radically and instantly. The few who are fortunate enough to avoid the killer flu become virtual prisoners in the homes when quarantine is imposed. One resident, Sara Almquist, a medical epidemiologist, is compelled by habit and training to examine the elements of the epidemic, even when it means she pries into her neighbor’s lives. She finds promising clues - maybe too many.

One other piece of advice. 
Consider getting a flu shot before you settle down to read Coming Flu

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