Friday, January 4, 2013


Recovered from the New Year yet? Oak Tree authors are already pulling in awards and doing interviews. As for resolutions—well, two of our authors had something to say about THAT!

WILLIAM DOONAN  finally got some love from his alma mater, Brown University, with a mention of “American Caliphate” in the alumni magazine.

JACK EVERETTE and DAVID COLES from across the pond announced that “The Back of Beyond” has been nominated on a site with growing popularity known as “The Book Awards.” They would love a vote by all the fans of the Round-Up.  

We're proud to announce that “Raging Waters” and author MARILYN MEREDITH made the top ten in The Book Connection's Best Books of 2012. “No Bells” picked up an honorable mention. 

As-told-to-author Carol Alexander is TOPS in getting media attention! She and Liberty and THE BIG SQUEAL were featured prominently in the ILLINOIS STATE JOURNAL REGISTER article which prompted fans to head to the book store, and one lady even tracked her down to order an inscribed copy. Upcoming, Carol will be the guest a talk radio show in South Dakota! Jan 15 shortly after 7 am. 

   Rabbi ILENE SCHNEIDER, author of  “Unleavened Dead,” gives a review of last year's “non-resolutions.”

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James R. (Jim) Callan said...

What an active group! Glad to be a part of it.