Friday, January 11, 2013


Are you ready for another sock puppet interview? John Brantingham is the hand behind an interview with an author discussing her publicist. Doug Danielson discusses the value of the oft maligned Amazon reader reviews and Sunny Frazier throws down the gauntlet asking if you're as prepared as you think for a career in writing. All that and more in the Friday Round-Up!  

JOHN BRANTINGHAM, author of soon-to-be-released “Mann of War” has another sock puppet interview discussing the pros and cons of hiring a publicist. He also talks about the upcoming San Gabriel Literary Festival:

BJ: Sunny Takes No Prisoners
“Are You Even Ready For a Writing Career?” SUNNY FRAZIER challenges in a guest blog about platform building over at:

Have you read a book you think would make a great movie? Would the book offend anyone like some of today's movies? These questions are asked by MARJA MCGRAW on her blog:

On January 8, MARY MONTAGUE SIKES spoke about Life as a Writer and Artist at Abingdon Woman’s Club in Gloucester, VA. The audience was especially interested in the cover art of her books as well as her latest paintings on display.
The painting used for the cover art on ANNE WHITE'S  “Affinity For Murder” is one of the Sikes paintings on display in a show at Claris Financial in Richmond. Sikes was among the artists honored at a reception on January 10th. 

Sikes is Artist of the Month at Petersburg Regional Art Center and will do a painting demonstration January 11 during the open house. The painting on the cover of “Eagle Rising” won an honorable mention in this month’s juried show there.
Monti took the photo for this early OTP title, and then painted the scene.

This was photo by Monti, also.

Sikes also set up pages on AskDavid for her books “Daddy's Christmas Angel,” “Secrets By the Sea,” and “Night Watch.” Hmm. Will have to ask David for some of our own publicity!

Rabbi ILENE SCHNEIDER, author of  “Unleavened Dead” was given a terrific interview over at the Jewish Community Voice of Southern New Jersey;


Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Excellent blog!

C.L. Swinney said...

Your tireless work is greatly appreciated SunnY!!!! Very well done :-)

William Doonan said...

That's a beautiful cover - Eagle Rising. I wish I had talent like that.

Monti said...

Thanks for the cover art show!

William, the Eagle Rising cover art doesn't have the eagle in it. That was added by the cover designer. Thank you.

Like the photo of Sunny!


Jake said...

Some excellent suggestions. Thank you.

Sunny Frazier said...

I have no idea where Billie dug up that photo, but that's me giving my lecture on Guerrilla Writing: How To Cheat Your Way To Winning Contests. I haven't been asked to give the lecture for some time, but Billie and I are putting together a booklet.

Billie Johnson said...

Heh, heh, never knows what pictures lurk in the archives of Billie Johnson!!