Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Round-Up

Author of the year award? Nomination for a paranormal award? What heights have our authors reached? Also, a non-fiction tool to increase your name recognition, how to create a buzz about your books and Pinterest—is it really in your best interest? All this and more at the Friday Round-Up!

TERRY AMBROSE is getting lots of mileage out of his blog on email scams. On Jan. 23, Terry met with the Kiwanis Club of Oceanside to discuss how to stay ahead of scammers and con artists while also promoting "License to Lie," his novel featuring a con artist and a criminologist. The popular piece was also reposted on Digital Book Today.
And, what non-fiction tool is this author using to increase name recognition? He tells all over at the Crime Fiction Collective blog.
We're VERY proud to announce that MARK BOUTON received the author of the year award for 2012 by Just Reviews and Fran Lewis for his novel, “The Sacrifice.” He also interviewed Jan. 24 on the radio show, “It Matters.” 
Have you had the “Coming Flu” yet? Not the bug, the book.  Author J.L. GREGER discusses the timely topic of the novel with LORNA COLLINS, author of “Ghost Writer.”

JOHN DANIEL, author of “Behind the Redwood Door” is hosting author Velda Brotherton with her essay, “The Joy of Story.”
DOUG DANIELSON is keeping things fresh in writing his next novel by interviewing one of his own characters. What a unique idea!
For those attending Love Is Murder in Chicago next weekend, co-authors HONORA FINKELSTEIN and SUSAN SMILY will be on two panels on Friday: "Channeling: Finishing the Work Someone Else Started" as well as a speech on dreams and how they inspired and contributed to writing their OTP novel, “Walk-In.” Saturday session is a round-table discussion, “The New Normal? Paranormal!” Cherry on the convention cake? “Walk-In” is up for an award in the paranormal category.
What happens when acquisitions editor SUNNY FRAZIER asked for tough questions concerning publishing? An interview explodes over at:
Sparks fly when Mitch Malone interviews Roxy Tanner on W.S. GAGER'S site. Mitch is Gager's creation and Roxy comes from TERRY AMBROSE'S imagination.
Meet Dr. Linda Almquist, character in upcoming OTP title, “Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight” by J.L. GREGER in an interview over at
GREGER gets serious about the science behind the book over at The Edible Bookshelf.
It's important to create a “buzz” for your books--but how? MARJA MCGRAW, author of the Bogey series, has some tips.
Looking for an intimate conference full of law enforcement types and others? MARILYN MEREDITH tells you what's going to happen in Vegas:

The latest issue of MORGAN ST. JAMES' Tricks of the Trade bi-monthly magazine has an article titled “Four Top Book Promotion Activities.” Also, what do you do with a bad review? Plus, info on the LA Writers' Conference and the San Gabriel Literary Festival, both on the same weekend in Feb. In the “Publishers' Lunch” section are sites for monitoring industry news. Brags are due by March 5 and contributors will get their book covers posted with buy links on the site. Such a deal! Contact Morgan at

DENISE WEEKS, author of  “Nice Work,” blogs about Pinterest, social media and putting your efforts where you'll find more readers.


D.R. Ransdell said...

As a new OTP author, I'm delighted to see that so many colleagues are running blogs. They aren't just sitting around writing. They're out there doing something.

Of course, this is party because as writers, we want to write and somehow can't stop ourselves. Even though technology can be frustrating ($&#*#&@*!!!!!), it's also the way of the new world.

But thanks to all of you for being such dedicated role models!

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Good Roundup. Writing blogs is part of the job of being a writer--whether we like it or not. I think it's fun.