Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This is from my blog, which has issues..... thought you may enjoy it!


One, there are no days off, just breaks between the chaos.  And for the record, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Ready, let's go!

Incoming phone call on my “day off” around 2 p.m. from the boss, “Chris, I need you to write some court orders and work some phone data for us.”
I respond, “What happen this time?”

“Three officers were shot at while trying to stop a car.  No one is hurt, but the suspect is on the run.”

“Geez man, the bad guys are taking it to us with reckless abandon these days,” I reply.  I think about my wife and kids, and how I was lucky that it wasn't me being shot at…this time.

I call my wife and let her know I may be late picking up the kids.  I’m not happy about this because it was suppose to be Daddy Day Care today.  As usual, my wife is cool with it.

I call the investigating officer for the shooting, the phone companies, my partner, my boss, and text my buddy and tell him I won’t be able to meet up with him for lunch.  I haven’t seen him in over a year, so this sacrifice stings.  Once all the data is sent to me and all my questions are answered I begin working from home.

I fire up the laptop and start writing Affidavits and Court Orders.  I’ve got to do everything five times over since there are five bad guys/gals.  Since the Affidavits and Court Orders will be signed by a Judge, there can be no mistakes.  I’m getting phone calls and text messages asking for updates and whether or not I figured out where the bad guys are.  I’m good, but not that good.

I write until my eyes burn, jump in my car, and head over to the school to pick up my youngest.  I may or may not have been driving too fast and I get pulled over.  I cannot explain how, but for some reason I’m let go with a warning.

I see a friend at the school and can tell something is bothering her.  I spend the next thirty five minutes being a good listener.  Now it’s too late to pick up the youngest, go home, then return to pick up the oldest who is in band practice.  I help the little one with homework to stall while getting phone calls, emails, and text messages all from people who want answers now.

I pick up the oldest from band practice and we head home.  I start helping the oldest with his homework and return to the laptop.  The youngest needs attention so I’m helping both of them, writing, and fielding phone calls with crucial updates for the investigation.

I finish two Court Orders and two Affidavits, send them via e-mail to the investigating officer for review.  I make two snacks for the boys, and begin correcting the homework for both boys.  I try to teach them the lesson for the night, get them to power down their snacks, and get the oldest to get his tae kwon doe clothes on.
We jump in the car and roll across town to tae kwon doe.  We’re a tad bit late, but we make it.  I start working on the third, fourth, and fifth Court Orders and Affidavits while on my I-Phone.  Suddenly the youngest wants to play “I-spy.”  My personal and work cell phones are ringing off the hook, but I squeeze in five rounds of “I spy” with the little guy before a passing train catches his attention (for the record, I won).

I update the Boss and my partner.  I answer questions from everyone about everything.  I continue writing and look up to see a heavily intoxicated subject walking toward my location.  This is not good because it will require me to act.  I dial a friend of mine who is a local cop in the area I live in and advise him of the situation.  The intoxicated person stumbles into the roadway and now I have to go hands-on.  I pretend to be his friend.  He accepts me and has no idea I’m a cop.  I shield the thirty plus kids from the circus long enough to have the responding unit take the person in to custody for his own safety.
Okay, where was I, oh yeah, working, playing “I-Spy,” saving a guy’s life, making sure my oldest knows I’m watching his tae kwon doe practice, and trying to catch my breath.

I keep plugging away on the I-phone and realize, shoot, my wife has a meeting tonight and we are going to need dinner after this.  I look up to see the oldest is jumping bags, which means practice is almost over.  Great, then I can get home and finish up, I think.

I gather up the kids and we head over to the TOGO’s to get some food. I see the batteries of both cell phones are dead.  WOO HOO, I think to myself.

We grab food and head home.  Yes I broke down and I got a large pastrami and let the kids get a scoop of ice cream.  I get the phones plugged in and have 6 voicemails and 11 texts messages.  I’d like to say I’m just that popular, but I’m sure they have to do with the case I’m working.  I check them all, feed the boys, get the dishes in the dishwasher, start a load of laundry, check the messages, feed the dog and the cat, and get back to work. Bummer, no Monday night football tonight, I think.

While Ninjago and Phineas and Ferb are going, I complete the next two Court Orders and Affidavits.  I sneak a peak online at my BLOG and other social media sites and notice, yup, I’ve got a lot of work to do to be successful as a writer.

I email the investigating officer two more completed Court Orders and Affidavits, call the boss, call my partner, text my wife that I grabbed her dinner, and call the phone companies.  I’m on hold for ten minutes and have to hang up because it’s time to get the boys ready for sleep and read them a book.
My oldest, bless him, picks a long story because he loves reading and wants to stay up longer.  We gather in my oldest son's room and I read to them.  I sing them songs, do the happy thoughts box for the youngest so he won’t have scary dreams, and put them to bed.

I jump back on the laptop and finish the last of the Court Orders and Affidavits.  I’ve just completed 50-plus pages of writing, some 8000-plus words.  I think to myself, wouldn’t be great to write this many words this quickly for my second novel, The Collectors.  I email the last of the Court Orders and Affidavits to the investigating officer, then update my boss and my partner.

As I try to decompress, my phones don’t stop ringing.  I look at a clock, it’s almost midnight.  I realize I didn’t meet another friend at Jiu Jitsu.  I’m upset because he took time out to meet with me and I didn’t show up or call.  I text him to tell him I’m sorry.  I get more texts about the case I’m working, and two more calls for service or advice on separate active investigations.

Sometime around 1 a.m. I fall asleep.  I wake up early, get the kids their breakfast, make their lunches, and get them ready for school.  My cell phones are fully charged and are buzzing, alerting, and ringing.  I refuse to unlock them to see what the world wants…coffee I need coffee.

I get to work and while waiting to see if the Investigating officer got all the Court Orders and Affidavits signed by a Judge, another shooting occurs.  It happens close to home and I already know they will be calling me to help find another really bad guy.

This is what I do, and is just a small snapshot of my daily life as a Task Force Agent.  Stress is part of the job.  Juggling my family and my job is much more challenging than you could imagine.  However, when my work helps put the bad guy(s) in custody and gets them off the streets, and more guns and weapons are taken off the streets, I am reminded why I do this job.  Someone has to do it, and there are fewer and fewer of us who can.


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