Friday, February 22, 2013


While the publisher's away, the authors will play. . .

BILLIE JOHNSON is soaking up the sun in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, at the writers conference with Oak Tree authors DOUG DANIELSON (“Sea-Duction”) and JIM CALLAN (“A Ton of Gold”). Both books are being launched at the conference. She'll be back in chilly Illinois by next week. Brrr!

At the conference, CALLAN is giving a workshop on character development and moderating a panel on the future of publishing. CALLAN has an OTP booklet out called “Character: The Heartbeat of the Novel.” Oak Tree Press will be producing more inexpensive booklets on a variety of subjects to help writers. They will be available at the OTP bookstore and on Amazon.

Last weekend at the San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival in West Covina, California, JOHN BRANTINGHAM (“Mann of War”), MARTA CHAUSEE (“Murder's Last Resort”), MARILYN MEREDITH (“Dangerous Impulses”) and MARJA MCGRAW (“They Call Me Ace”) launched their books. Other OTP authors attending were MORGAN ST. JAMES, LORNA COLLINS, BONNIE KELLY and SUNNY FRAZIER. Oak Tree had a table display of books and authors read from their works. This is the first year for the conference and 2000 attended.

Following our cover awards mentioned last week is yet another from Venture Galleries. This time “The Sacrifice” by MARK BOUTON received the award for Best Cover Design for a Suspense Crime Novel. Congratulations Mark! We are lookin' good!

Look for New Orleans author HOLLI CASTILLO (“Gumbo Justice” and “Jambalaya Justice”) on a site called Sneak Peek Sunday Blog Hops:

Here's what Holli had to say about the site:

“Between Wednesday and Saturday night anyone can post a link to lead back to a blog where they have posted no more than 10 sentences from a work in progress, a novel, or anything else. I did this last week and got a few comments on my blog, which I don't usually get. The other bloggers seem to be mainly romance and fantasy/romance, but I read the blogs from the links and some were pretty good.”

LORNA COLLINS, author of “Ghost Writer,” blogs about remnants of the holidays that elude detection for months:

Plus, over at Morgen Bailey's column, an interview with LORNA has been reposted. If you missed it the first time, take a gander:

Over at Kings River Life Magazine, LESLEY DIEHL, author of “Dumpster Dying” and “Grilled, Chilled and Killed,” has a short story up.

Can publicity be bad? Author J.L. GREGER (“Coming Flu”) addresses the subject over at DENISE WEEKS' blogsite. DENISE is the author of “Nice Work.”

Over at Night Owl Reviews there's a review of “Sarah Darlin,” a novel by SHIRLEY SKUFCA HICKMAN.

The current issue of Senior News & Times has a book review of JANE AUMANN and CINDY LADAGE's novel, “My Name is Huber.” They also had write-ups in three Illinois newspapers in Taylorville, Pana and Mattoon. Way to go!

Writer's block, sure. But cover block? MARJA MCGRAW, author of the Bogey series, talks about the trials of finding the right book cover.


Rick Johnson said...

I want to go with Billie next year to Mexico! A few days in the sun with books and away from winter. Of course, I want my book to be one of the books being launched.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

It's great to be among such a great group of authors!

marja said...

Marilyn is right. What a terrific group to be a part of, and what fun!

Laughlincat2 said...

Take along a few readers who will appreciate your writing efforts. Yes I will volunteer for duty.

Elaine Faber said...

Lots of luck to the authors launching their books. These eyes aren't green from contacts!

James R. Callan said...

The Puerto Vallarta conference is going very well. The panel I moderated with Billie Johnson and an agent had a large crowd and many questions.

The weather is perfect. Right now, Billie is out having a "real" Mexican dinner with Doug. Unfortunately, Earlene got sick and I came home to play the nurse role. But, we'll be back at the conference tomorrow. I'll report back in after the conference is over.