Tuesday, March 19, 2013

As a follow up to last week's blog on the subject of travelling abroad and writing and how it changes you. I also think that when you travel and live in another culture by yourself for over 6 months at a time like I did in Ecuador, and you learn to figure out things for yourself, learn a different language, your story that you have in your head about yourself changes. I believe you actually become more conscious of what you are really thinking, about yourself, your life, your perceptions, and the stories you tell people about yourself. Or even how you react to your parent's and family. It completely shakes up your perception of who you are, to the point of it being unnerving. You begin to question long held assumptions and beliefs about yourself, which leads to intense introspection, which, I believe, in turn makes you a better writer.... it completely opens up your ideas of who you are.

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Beryl Reichenberg said...

I agree. Not only does travel give you a different perspective of the world but also of yourself. And then the other fun part, sharing that new perspective with others, especially through writing. Beryl