Friday, March 22, 2013

The REAL Friday Round-Up

Oak Tree authors were in the swing of things at conventions, conferences and literary festivals. Plus, we've got a cover boy in our midst. Introducing Oak Tree's new Small Books writing guides and previewing a new feature: The Blog Corral. Yippee!                                                                            
In Vancouver, WA, LORNA COLLINS (author of “Ghost Writer”) and prolific author MARILYN MEREDITH attended EPICon.
This is a conference for e-book authors. You can get the low-down and find out where EPICon 2014 will be at: 

In sunny California, JOHN BRANTINGHAM (“Mann of War”) and MARTA CHAUSEE (Murder's Last Resort) debuted their novels at the new San Gabriel Literary Festival.
 They manned the Oak Tree table by LORNA COLLINS (“Ghost Writer”), SUNNY FRAZIER (the Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries), MARJA MCGRAW (the Bogey series), MARILYN MEREDITH (the Rocky Bluff PD series); and....

 MORGAN ST. JAMES (“Who's Got the Money?”) and supporters Augie Hicks and Eileen Obser. You can read just what it took to pull this festival together over at Sunny's blog on Novel Spaces: 
TERRY AMBROSE, author of  “License To Lie,” and SUSAN VONDRAK, author of “No Evidence of a Crime,” and “The Evidence is Clear,” were at the Tucson Festival of Books.

Both report the weather was cold, not the relief Susan was hoping for when she left Chicago behind. Both say they are looking forward to attending (and selling!) at the LA Times Festival of Books in late April.
You can read a terrific article on the festival by Rebecca Dahlke with quotes from Terry. She also gives helpful hints to make your conference experience worthwhile.  
Terry Ambrose also was at Great Oak High School in Temecula, CA, on to give a presentation titled, "The Importance of Character." The presentation was an interactive discussion with students to generate an understanding of how characters drive a story and how lessons learned from fictional characters can be related to everyday real-life issues.
JOHN BRANTINGHAM, ( “Mann of War”) and TERRY AMBROSE (“License To Lie”) were both featured over at Venture Galleries:  

Who made the cover of of TaeKwonDo Times? None other than black belt STEPHEN BRAYTON,  author of “Alpha.” He is serializing his short story, “White Belt Weapons” in the magazine.
Speaking of magazines, SUNNY FRAZIER received a two-page spread in the Visalia Times Lifestyle Magazine this month.
The trailer for LORNA COLLINS' “Ghost Writer” is now on Book Town:

Rabbi ILENE SCHNEIDER, author of  “Unleavened Dead” received a good write-up in the Burlington County Times (NJ) from feature writer Sally Friedman about Passover preparations and Ilene's books.

The latest issue of MORGAN ST. JAMES's online ezine “Tricks Of the Trade” has an article by SALLY CARPENTER (“The Baffled Beatlemaniac Caper”) on “The Smart Way To Present Press Releases” and a review of TERRY AMBROSE'S  book, “License To Lie.” There's always great info to be found in this publication.  

Jacquidon Carroll, protag of DENISE WEEKS'  “Nice Work,” gives a nice interview over at  

MARK BOUTON, author of  the FBI thriller “The Sacrifice,” will speak at the Kansas Writers', Ink meeting at the Topeka, KS, library on 4/27/13.
J.L. GREGER, will speak on "Science in Your Fiction" on Tuesday, March 26 at Croak and Dagger (the Albuquerque Chapter of Sisters in Crime). She'll also sign copies of “Coming Flu” and advertise “Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight.” She'll also lead an OASIS class on "Science in Fiction: Making Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak Real" OASIS is an educational program for those over 50.


JOHN BRANTINGHAM reads his poetry and vlogs on “How To Write a Sonnet” over at

John's book “The Gift of From: A Pocket Guide to Formal Poetry” is one of Oak Tree's new Small Books Collection. It can be ordered thru Amazon or Oak Tree.

JIM CALLAN, author of  “A Ton of Gold,” has a guest blog up on Jennifer Harlow's Ink Spot on the naming of characters.

Have you ever lost track of a family member or friend, only to find them again years later? Read about how Facebook helped LORNA COLLINS reunite with long-lost cousins.

JOHN DANIEL, author of “Behind the Redwood Door,” hosts Miami writer Madelyn Lorber, author of “The Eyes Have It,” a remarkable paranormal, multi-ethnic P.I. novel. Drop by and learn what "The Joy of Story" means to Madelyn:

SUNNY FRAZIER gave a bleak outlook on human anatomy in the future in “Darwinism 101” at Buried Under Books:

MARJA MCGRAW has Patricia Gligor as her guest discussing a Best Of list and promoting small press authors. 

MARILYN MEREDITH continues her blog hop at these sites:
On how hard a blog tour can be including some of the problems.

What bugs her on this stop on my tour

A new and wonderful review of Dangerous Impulses at

A visit with Earl Staggs:

What do bookstore visits and hurricanes have in common?
Making sure her characters aren't too good to be true: 


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