Friday, March 29, 2013

Welcome to the Oak Tree Press Weekly Round Up

Is it too early to think about Halloween? Not according to CHRIS KULLSTROEM, author of "Deadly Roles", a collection of interactive mystery games. For her, Halloween is a year-around event. Plus, find out why JOHN BRANTINGHAM's having THE BEST WEEK EVER. All this and the Blog Corral on the Weekly Round-Up! 

TERRY AMBROSE, author of  “License To Lie,” interviews JOHN BRANTINGHAM over at the Examiner:

JOHN BRANTINGHAM, author of  “Mann of War,” has a new short story collection published by  World parade Books titled “Let Us Pray To Our Own Strange Gods.” It's now available on Amazon.

Also, John is serializing "How Easily Murder Is Being Discovered" over at Venture Galleries:

Also serializing over at Venture Galleries is JIM CALLAN, author of "A Ton of Gold." His book, "Cleansed by Fire" will be running two chapters a week.

DOUG DANIELSON, nautical author of  “Shore Loser,” received a glowing 5 star review for his latest, “Sea-Duction.” Maureen Fisher said “This is my first Douglas Danielson book, and definitely not the last. This fast-paced nautical action adventure set in San Diego and Catalina hooked me on page one and kept me entertained until the end. I particularly enjoyed the multi-layered characters, particularly Jake, with his party-hearty attitude and his up-and-down relationship with his exotic and complicated lady-love. I’m looking forward to reading more about Jake and all his friends in another Jake Mortensen Mystery.”

LESLEY DIEHL, author of “Dumpster Dying” and “Chilled, Grilled and Killed,” is featured over at Kings River Life with a book review and a giveaway. In addition, her short story, “The Best of Friends” is up for our reading pleasure. 

SHIRLEY HICKMAN, author of  “Sarah Darlin'” is showcased:   

JOHN LINDERMUTH, author of Pennsylvania mystery “Fallen From Grace,” illustrates his clever twists:

MARY MONTAGUE SIKES's mystery/suspense/romance novel “Night Watch” is featured on Venture Galleries as well. Writing the book brought back memories of her adventures in Trinidad.


 JOHN BRANTINGHAM will be appearing at Whittier College, CA, on April 2 for afternoon and evening readings of his poetry.

CHRIS KULLSTROEM, author of "Deadly Roles", a collection of interactive mystery games, will speak at The Connecticut Gravestone Network Symposium, East Hartford, CT, Saturday, April 6, 2013. Her topic is "Halloween Business Events: The Social Side of Scaring." The seminar focuses on how Halloween celebrations at businesses and non-profit organizations have provided intrinsic benefits for individuals, families and communities. Demonstrated from scarecrow festivals to cemetery lantern tours, this presentation gives event organizers, volunteers and business owners the tools to generate healthy communities through their Halloween celebrations.

G. THOMAS GILL, author of Dog Island April will be at Inkwood Books on April 9 at 6:00 pm. The event will also feature speakers Jenny Milchman, whose debut novel, "Cover of Snow", was released in January by Ballantine Books.Books will be available for purchase, and both authors will be available for book signing. A "Path to Publication" discussion will follow, and will be of interest to any aspiring writer.


JOHN BRANTINGHAM has a trailer up for his new book “Let Us Pray To Our Own Strange Gods.” There's also some of his favorite poems on the site.
John's also starting a new blog over at Venture Galleries titled “The Fictive World of the Lazy Sociopath.”

JIM CALLAN, author of  “A Ton of Gold,”interviews Regina Williams, publisher at Mockingbird Lane Press.

MARTA CHAUSEE, author of  “Murder's Last Resort,” had a close encounter with Russell Brand and see a photo of her in Judge Judy's chair:  

LORNA COLLINS, author of “Ghost Writer,” discovers more family ties on Face Book:

JOHN DANIEL, author of “Behind the Redwood Door,” gives a brief introduction to a small book he's writing about writing life stories and memoirs.

LESLEY DIEHL, author of “Dumpster Dying” and “Chilled, Grilled and Killed,” is showcased over at Venture Galleries:

WILLIAM DOONAN “American Caliphate” invites you to learn about his e-book experiment over at 

SUNNY FRAZIER, author of the Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries shares what she does in a reprise of her post “Confessions of an Acquisitions Editor” at Kings River Life.

MARJA MCGRAW, author of The Bogey Man series, hosts Shelly Frome, actor, writer and professor,  discussing what to do when you're stuck on a chapter. 


This is where you can find her this week:

Visiting Pat Gligor at and she's asked to list all the Rocky Bluff P.D. books in order with a bit of a blurb about each one.
Marilyn had fun posting “How Dare you Write a Police Procedural”
Find out what's next for Marilyn
She talks about Officer Stacey Wilber at
Marilyn reveals her publishing history—not a pretty one

Nothing to do with writing, but here are "Some Random Thoughts about the Four Questions," by Rabbi ILENE SCHNEIDER, author of  “Unleavened Dead”
And, does she share Aviva's pre-Pesach cleaning frenzy?

CHRIS SWINNEY, author of soon-to-be-published “Gray Ghost” asks “Ever wonder where those missing socks go?”


Sharon Arthur Moore said...

Visited some of the sites, but I couldn't find the article on the new press in town. It's good to see such visibility among the authors.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Wow, we have all been busy, haven't we? How cool is this!


Sunny Frazier said...

Sharon, it's in Jim Callan's blog. Mockingbird Lane Press. I haven't checked it out yet. I'm curious too!

James R. (Jim) Callan said...

Regina Williams is an interesting person. You'll enjoy reading her comments on Mockingbird Lane Press. The article on Mockingbird Lane Press is featured through today (Friday, March 29). Beginning tomorrow, it will still be there but moved down a notch below the interview with Melinda Lyons.

Radine Trees Nehring said...

I couldn't make the connection to Jim Callan's blog work - got unrelated material, even though I scrolled down. However, the web site to Mockingbird Lane Press is

Patricia Gligor said...

Thanks for the mention, Sunny. I was thrilled to have Marilyn Meredith as my guest!

D.R. Ransdell said...

I'm glad to hear Halloween is a year-round holiday--it's my favorite! But I suppose most mystery writers should be fond of it....

Sharon Arthur Moore said...

I still want to read it, but the link is broken, I guess. I'll try getting there another way. I really want to read about it. I went to the Mockingbird Lane site. Pretty cool.

Douglas Danielson said...

Thanks Sunny for plugging SEA-DUCTION and mentioning the great reviews the book is getting! I’ll be up in California doing the States-side Book Launch in Ventura Harbor Village, Saturday April 13, and a book signing at Lido Village Books, Saturday April 20 in Newport Beach. Hope to meet a lot of boating friends at both events!