Wednesday, May 1, 2013

From Bookworms to Movie Stars

In my tremendous learning curve as an author, I've just learned one more incredible piece of the marketing puzzle. These days, a book trailer might be more like a movie trailer without popcorn. I'm so naive that this shocked me!

It started innocently enough. My local Sister-in-Crime president had sent a link about a guy who was holding workshops for book trailers. For $55, Ezra Barany, the author of The Torah Codes, promised to teach you how to do a great trailer in four weeks. Four weeks, I thought!? That's crazy! Up to that point, I'd only seen small book trailers on Amazon, the kind you might make in your living room with your iPhone.  Then I followed the link to  Barany's trailer. OMG! It was exciting! It had loud, punchy music! It had visuals that leapt off the screen!  

When I Googled "book trailers" on youtube, I found lots of other exciting examples. One of my favorites was called My Life Undecided by Jessica Brody. The extremely cute video showed an attractive young girl being handcuffed. The mini-movie had music, complete sets, lots of shots from different parts of the book, a protagonist with a nice voice, and carefully plotted sequences. Behind all this was no doubt an author who had done dozens of books, who was a best-selling author, and, best of all, had a big budget for advertising.

I'm not at that same level--yet. But I couldn't sleep that night until I had figured out who I might recruit for a low-budget trailer of my own. I must say that the composition office assistant was quite surprised when I told her I'd really love to film her as she walked down the street. She doesn't realize, yet, that she's supposed to be a supreme sex symbol. That's okay; the student office worker who agreed to do the voice over doesn't realize he's supposed to be naive and obsessed!

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