Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Marketing any book can be confusing and frustrating if you fail to put all the pieces together. When creating your plan remember that it’s not always about the book, sometimes it’s the message or it can be about the author. If you get bogged down with the notion that book marketing is all about the book you will miss other opportunities.

Effective book marketing is a puzzle and must include consideration of many factors such as format, price, category, audience and setting. The one issue you cannot overlook and give strong consideration is how you plan to announce your release, special offer, promotion, discount or re-launch. Pre-publication planning is crucial.

Book marketing is also about testing and failing. No one, especially the major publishers ever hit on a perfect formula, it varies title to title and many times the initial plan fails and has to be readdressed. If you’re under contract and the marketing plan is a failure, your career may also fail. For those who self-publish your window of marketing opportunity is open as long as you want.

Seven out of ten traditionally published books fail to earn back the investment the company makes, that percentage is much higher for self-published. No plan is perfect and not all plans create the desired level of sales. The key is to keep trying and testing until you hit upon the recipe that works for your book.

Publishing independently gives you a chance to retreat from parts that are not working and redesign your plan. Be patient, be persistent and be aware that your confidence may be shaken when you fail the first time. That’s all part of marketing your book. Pick yourself up and try again, perseverance is also a key ingredient of good book marketing.

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Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

With promotion, not one size fits all. Everyone should try different types of marketing--and that could change from book to book. Good post.