Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mystery Novels and the Overheard Conversation Snippet

Do you ever overhear a snippet of conversation in passing that piques your interest? While taking a walk this morning, I passed a woman who was walking three dogs and speaking on her cell phone. The part of the conversation I heard was, “There’s no need to feel guilty.”

My writer’s imagination went into full alert. Was this merely a supportive comment for someone who forgot to send to send a birthday card? Or was it more sinister. My mind began to churn. Maybe it referenced killing an abusive husband. Then I began to think, where might the body have been left? Hey, that’s the problem with being a mystery writer; even an innocuous statement can lead to a plot.

So if you’re around a mystery writer, be careful what you say.

Have you ever overheard an intriguing snippet?

Mike Befeler, Author of The V V Agency


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Julie Luek said...

I rode on a shuttle once with this very loud and cheesily dressed man on his way to the Kentucky derby. He was talking loud so everyone could hear about the box seats his family had for generations. It wasn't so much sinister as to see a character so richly real! Yes, I whipped out my notebook and took notes.