Tuesday, May 28, 2013


When I first came upon Pinterest a year ago, I loved it and knew I would find a way to use it to promote my novel. Being an artist, I am very visual.  Sometimes I collect images as a way to relax. I don’t always feel like interacting on Facebook or Twitter, and simply looking through pins and pinning pictures is as social as I want to get. I hadn’t figured out how I would use Pinterest to promote until last month. 

There are many excellent ideas here at RachelleGardner’s site, but I haven’t been inclined to take the time to build Pinterest as suggested there. That feels too much like work, and I do enough social media ‘work.’

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual platform and what better way to get the image of your book out there than a picture of the product you are trying to sell (hopefully you have a captivating cover that gives a good sense of what your book is about)?

Last year a survey asked, “Do you use Pinterest or Facebook for any of the following reasons?” Note the results of the major questions:

An entertaining way to pass the time:
·         73% of people who use Social Media find Pinterest entertaining
·         61% for Facebook

A way to get inspiration on what to buy:
·         70% find Pinterest inspirational
·         17% for Facebook

A way to keep track of things they like, or follow the latest trends:
·         67% for Pinterest
·         21+% for Facebook

I decided Pinterest is a great way to connect with readers in a more personal way and pick up new readers that pin from my boards. I won’t get into the how-tos of Pinterest as there is plenty of info on the web. 

Pinterest to promote while
Readers get to know you better

If you were going to make a movie of your book, and you were the director, what would your movie look like? Dedicate a board on Pinterest as your story board. Collect images to show what you envision; the actors and actresses (or any interesting people you find that represent your characters), the setting, the food, the clothes—basically anything you want to add that will give the viewer a sense of your story. 

Before I went public with the pictures I was gathering, I kept my novel board a secret board (not to be viewed until I was ready to go public). Whenever I came across a picture I thought I might like to use, I would throw it in to be sorted later. That way I could edit out the less effective ones before I went public. I also us a secret board for inspiration ideas.

This link takes you to my Pinterest boards where you can see two boards at the top where more information can be found about my soon to be published book, Dance the Dream Awake.  I set my book cover as the cover picture which helps it stand out. 

For my novel-in-progress, Haiku Dance, the next board over, I put a picture that I feel captures the attention for that story for the moment.

When Dance the Dream Awake is finally published, I will link it to the Oak Tree Press page where it will be available for purchase—and later to the ebook stores as well.

Do you use Pinterest to promote your book? What else would you put on your Pinterest board as a way to promote your book?


James Callan said...

Cora, You certainly got my interest. I have studiously avoided Pinterest. I find it all I can do to keep up with Twitter, FB, and Linkedin. But after reading your blog, I will take a look. In fact, as soon as I post this, I am going over to look at your boards. Who knows, your blog could make me a Pinterest convert. Thanks.

Jodi Lea Stewart said...

I enjoyed this, Cora. As visual as our society is these days, perhaps you are right about collecting images for our characters as if our books were to be made into movies. It's an intriguing idea, and one that hits home. I have had certain actors picked out from the beginning whom I felt represented the characters in my series. Hmmm...pondering....

elizabethfais said...

Great idea, Cora! I didn't know about the "secret board" feature. I find that images (setting, characters, etc) are extremely helpful when I'm beginning to build a new story.

Tami Clayton said...

I'll confess I spend way more time on Pinterest than I probably should. I consider it like a magazine full of images, some of which are entertaining, some inspiring, and some spark an idea for a current project or a new one. I also find spending time on more visual things balances out all of the word-related stuff I'm usually immersed in each day.

Cora said...

Tami made a good point, Pinterest is a good balance for all the word-related things we are immersed in daily. I know it mellows me out.

Ellen Gregory said...

I'm with James - I've been avoiding Pinterest. Maybe if I automatically collected images anyway, I might have gravitated to it earlier, but I don't do that.

I can see I'm going to have to check it out at some stage... but I don't think I'm ready yet.

D.R. Ransdell said...

Thanks for the reminder to use Pinterest, Cora! While it was hard for me to get into using Pinterest at first, I'm beginning to appreciate it. As a "word person," it's easy to get caught up in words. It's good to get caught up in visuals once in a while as well.

Beryl Reichenberg said...

I think I'll have to give Pinterest a try. As an artist, I am basically a visual person as opposed to a word person. Maybe that is why I write children's picture books. Beryl