Friday, May 31, 2013


Welcome to the Round-Up everyone!

We lost one of our authors this week. DOUG DANIELSON, author of “Shore Loser” and “Sea-Duction.” This was written by his friend, David:
Doug Danielson passed away Monday, May 27 at approximately 4:15 p.m. in a Ventura, California hospital. His wife Karen was at his side. Doug had been battling cancer.

For over fifteen years, Doug was one of the most active members of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group. During this time, he wrote and published several fiction novels, and many of his articles appeared in online and print journals on varied subjects including sailing, his passion and vocation. He was the first to actively promote the idea of an anthology of group members’ work, but perhaps his greatest legacy is the annual writer’s conference. Doug conceived of, and single-handedly organized the first conference, and has been a guiding force in almost every event since.

Whether you knew Doug well or only slightly, two of his many notable character traits impressed immediately, his modesty, and sincerity. In his final moments, with Karen’s help, Doug was calling friends to tell them how much they had meant to him in his life. How many of us would have loved the chance to convey to him that very same thought?

Karen assured me that his passing was peaceful. Doug will be remembered for what he was, a very fine man. And he will be missed by all of us fortunate to have known him.

On May 28, TERRY AMBROSE, author of “License to Lie,” spoke to the Carlsbad Rotary Club members about how to avoid scams and cons. He covered five of the most popular scams, including those that involve smartphones and one of the latest scams, the Facebook Lottery Promotion.

MARY MONTAGUE SIKES spent Memorial Day weekend signing books and giving painting demonstrations at the Art Fair in Tides Inn, Irvington VA. Monti does the artwork for her Passenger to Paradise series.
And, check out her piece about the A to Z challenge at the Blog Corral below.


MICHAEL BLACK, author of  The Incredible Adventures of Doc Atlas” and “Pope's Last Case and Other Stories” will be showing at Printers Row on June 8 & 9 in Chicago.

On June 1, BERYL REICHENBURG, author of children's books will teach “Writing Children's Books and Getting Them Published” from 11 to noon at the Curious Cup Bookstore, Carpinteria, CA. The cost is $10 and pre-registration is required. Contact Kiona Gross, (805) 220-6608, or

ROBERT WEIBEZAHL, author of  “The Dead Don't Forget,” will be doing a book signing June 1, 2:30 pm, at Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach, CA.
ROBERT is also offering copies of his book to two lucky winners at a Good Reads giveaway. The contest runs until June 25.


JIM CALLAN, author of  “A Ton of Gold,” has been busy. He did a guest post titled "The SideKick Takes Center Stage" at the Northwest Christian Writers' Association website:

Then he had his sidekick's interviewed. You can find Crystal Moore, the protagonist of A Ton of Gold, on Marji Laine's site:

And Brandi Brewer, the sidekick to Crystal in “A Ton of Gold” was interviewed on Ralene Burke's site,

And Jim has a guest blog up at Venture Galleries titled "You Can Sell a Book by Its Cover."

Stephen Woodfin wrote a review of Jim's mystery/suspense “Murder a Cappella” on the Venture Galleries site.

What does it say when universities start unloading their scientific collections? See how a Georgia Museum gained and DAC CROSSLEY'S take on the whole thing at his blog "A Night At The Museum." Dac is the author of “The Return of the Texas Ranger.”

Monsters, sweet dreams, and laughter: JOHN DANIEL, author of “Behind the Redwood Door,” talks about our strange encounters when we write the stories of our lives. by:

WILLIAM DOONAN, author of  “American Caliphate,” is over at Novel Spaces talking about innovative book marketing ideas.

William also did a guest post over at Murder Lab:

JOHN LINDERMUTH (“Sooner Than Gold”) talks about killing characters the natural way:

MARJA MCGRAW, author of the Bogey series, interviewed Oak Tree publisher, Billie Johnson:

MARILYN MEREDITH (“Dangerous Impulses”) writes about keeping up with two mystery series.

Marilyn also wrote about the first book in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, “Deadly Trail”and planning ahead for the next one, “Spirit Shapes.”  

My PhotoSHARON MOORE, upcoming “Mission: Impastable,”  includes recipes on her blog and asks people to name the culinary mystery that would have ice cream/frozen yogurt/gelato recipes.

Sharon also gives part 3 of the writer's business plan. You may be interested in her production schedule for the number of culinary mysteries she wants to write.

MARY MONTAGUE SIKES blogs about the promo cards she created from the Painting a Day animals she painted for the A to Z Challenge last month:

A Tale of Two Morgans: MORGAN ST. JAMES, co-author of  “Who's Got the Money?” was featured in the UK on Morgen Bailey's blog: Over at the Examiner, she writes that writing a book isn't all about sales:

Is there something “fishy” going on with CHRIS SWINNEY, author of soon-to-be-published “Gray Ghost?” He's writing about freshwater tarpon on his blog:


Beryl Reichenberg said...
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Beryl Reichenberg said...
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Jim Callan said...

Busy week for OTP authors. All that activity seems to build on itself. It encourages us to do more. My thanks to all the authors for setting such a high standard. I'm going to stop this comment and go write a blog.

Dac said...

Nice roundup, and as Jim said, it encourages us to do more.

Your weekly blogs and the posse connections sure do make me feel as though I've joined a community of writers, friends who share ideas. Yes - it's a warm feeling. I'm happy to be part of it.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Just a heads up, the blog is Oak Tree Press Blog--what is written on it is a post. So Sunny does weekly posts for the blog. When you write something new for the blog or you own, it's a post.

It is great that we have so many authors who are doing so much to promote their books--and in so many different ways.

marja said...

I've read so many great blogs by the Oak Tree authors. They're a great showcase for their writing style.
Marja McGraw said...

Glad to read the latest OTP round-up. Thanks for the weekly reminder that so many gifted writers are part of the Oak Tree community. I'm pleased to be a member of the club.

marja said...

Wonderful memorial to Doug Danielson. He sounds like someone I'd like to have known.
Marja McGraw

Alphonse said...

This is cool!