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Welcome to the Weekly Round-Up everyone. As always, Oak Tree Press has a lot going on. Hear about some OTP authors time at the Southern California Crime Writers conference. We are also looking forward to the PSWA conference coming up soon in Las Vegas. If you don't have your summer reading list yet, grab your pen and paper and head into the Round-Up!

The California Crime Writers Conference was held last weekend. The event is sponsored by two great organizations, Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

TERRY AMBROSE, “License to Lie,” would like to share a couple of articles from the conference featured on Sue Grafton's keynote article:

And Elizabeth George's keynote article: Scroll down on each of these articles to see TERRY's contribution.

Here is a link for the conference Jeri Westerson has posted on her blog. It is a nice timeline of events with photos from last weekend's conference in Pasadena. Jeri was part of the planning committee.  Several OTP authors attended--I hope a great time was had by all! 

LORNA COLLINS, “Ghost Writer,” also attended the Southern California Crime Writers conference. She says she is exhausted after a jam-packed weekend of speakers and panels. Catch it on her blog at: 

JACKIE TAYLOR ZORTMAN, “We Are Different Now,” has been busy promoting her new book. She tells me that her book has been selling well on both as the trade paperback and e-book and it's also for sale on  She has been featured on Venture Galleries, Manic Readers and Kittling Books and she has an author's page on Amazon's Author Central.

JACKIE is featured on the Oak Tree Press Authors Page on Facebook. Jeana Thompson, Promotions Manager, invites you to like the page. She updates every couple of weeks with a new author. Here is the link:

Kings River Life Magazine has a great group of Oak Tree Press reviews and giveaways up this week. Here are four books for your summer reading list! Featured books are MICHAEL BLACK, “Pope’s Last Case…and other stories,” MIKE BEFELER, “The V V Agency,” ROBERT WEIBEZAHL, “The Dead Don’t Forget,” and J. R. Lindermuth, “Sooner Than Gold.” at:

MARJA MCGRAW, “They Call Me Ace,” has a nice review up at Cozy Mystery Book Review. "I have to admit that Bogey Man, Chris Jr. and his family stole my heart. Although set is modern times Bogey’s is of the 1940s venacular made me imagine myself in the setting of an old Humphrey Bogart film. Their eccentricities and style made me laugh and I enjoyed every moment of this book." Read the whole review at:

HELEN OSTERMAN will be at the American Library Association Convention on Sat. July 29 at the Sisters in Crime booth. Mark your calendars! She will be handing out postcards and book marks for her new title, “Locked Within” which is the 5th in the Emma Winberry Series. Helen has a nice webpage:


From June 30-July 6, J.L. GREGER, “Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight,” will be the guest on Pat Gilgor's Getting to Know Your Blog. Be sure to check it out next week. What a great blog Pat has. I seen alot of familiar names there.

MARJA MCGRAW, author of the Bogey Man series, would like to share her blog about "The Family Curse" and how that can relate to characters in a book. The link is 

DAC CROSSLEY, author of The Border Trilogy, blogs about gambling in the Old West. He is also doing some research for a new novel - look at what he’s discovered. Dac also wants to welcome all of us to Summer. Thanks, Dac.

ILENE SCHNEIDER, “Unleavened Dead,” says her latest blog entry is mainly for those of you who are not on Facebook. Or aren't her "friend" there. (And if you're not, she invites you to become one!) I think I will go right now...

JOHN DANIEL, “Behind the Redwood Door,” has been interviewed on Cathy Cole’s blog. John mentioned that Cathy was gracious and generous. Be sure to read this interview at:

JOHN would like to invite you to see the happy reason he didn't post on his blog this past Saturday…he was too busy celebrating! Celebrating what? Check it out:

MARILYN MEREDITH, "Dangerous Impulses," asks How much of you is in your book(s)? She answered for her, what about you?  I made a mistake on Marilyn's blog address last week and want to apologize for that. So, I have it here, twice! Just go ahead and save it as a favorite! :)

MARILYN, author of the very popular Rocky Bluff P. D. series, also blogs about the PSWA conference coming up in Las Vegas. In the first year there were 12 attendees...this year, 57 (so far)! Marilyn is proud of what she's done being the chairperson for the conference. Oak Tree is proud of Marilyn, too. Way to go! Check out Marilyn's blog to read more about the conference. 

CHRIS SWINNEY, author of “Gray Ghost” and HELEN OSTERMAN, author of “Locked Within, An Emma Winberry Mystery” both received some love from the Authors Showcase at Venture Galleries.
These books will be out very soon. Check out the following link:

SHARON MOORE, author of the upcoming “Mission: Impastable,” has two blogs up this week. One is at her "Parsley, Sage, and Rosemary Time" named I Heart My Slow Cooker(s):
and the other is her anxiety-riddled post about waiting for the edits for her culinary mystery with OTP at "Write Away"

SHARON also posted at Pauline Wiles' blog with an easy spaghetti recipe. Definitely check it out for a dinner idea for this weekend! Here's the link:

CORA RAMOS, posts about her newly published book, “Dance the Dream Awake.” This book is a must read for this summer. And how about that cover? Beautiful!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Weekly Round-Up as much as I enjoyed posting it for you. As you can see, I did have time to update the cover slide show! I will also be changing the featured book each week. Boy, I think I am getting the hang of this! But please excuse a few kinks in the links! I do them all the same and some just do not want to cooperate. Also, the colors and types of font change out on me...if anyone has any tips, I sure would take them. A work in progress... Thank you all for the nice comments from last week's blog. I am no writer like you all are...I just play one on TV! LOL As always, if you have something you would like to submit to the Round-Up, send me an email at
Have a great weekend, everyone. ~ Suzi


Julie Luek said...

Always great to see everyone out and about!

Jim Callan said...

Thanks for an excellent Friday Roundup - keeping up the tradition Sunny started. And it was good to finally have a face for that efficient person running the OTP office. Glad to meet you, Suzi.

Verna said...

This is cool!

Jack Harris said...

I am definitely a fan of Terry Ambrose. His first book, Photo Finish, had a great character that made me laugh out loud while reading which is tough to do.
After reading his new book, License to Lie, I have two new favorite characters...Roxy and Skip! If you have been interested just click Evolution Writers.