Monday, June 17, 2013

Inspiration for my Two New Children's Books

Thanks to OTP for publishing two more of my children’s picture books. Both books were published this month and are about Monarch butterflies. Butterfly Girls is about two young sisters who find a butterfly chrysalis in their backyard and watch for the butterfly to emerge. The butterfly teaches the girls how to fly, and the girls spend many happy hours flying with their new friend. One day, the butterfly disappears, and the girls are deeply disappointed. They soon learn that the butterflies have migrated south for the winter and more will return in the spring.

When Caterpillars Dream is about a Monarch caterpillar and what she dreams while in her chrysalis becoming a butterfly. She dreams about the incredible journey she will take south for the winter once she emerges. In the course of this dream, she learns to trust her instincts. This book introduces children to the life cycle and migration patterns of Monarch butterflies in a fantasy format.

The inspiration for both books came two year ago when I gave my two granddaughters butterfly habitats, so they could watch butterflies grow from a tiny egg to a full-grown butterfly. I saw how excited they were to view this process and how delighted they were to let the butterflies fly away, once they had emerged from their chrysalis. I thought what fun it would be to actually fly with a butterfly and wrote Butterfly Girls for themAfter that, I became intrigued about what went on in the chrysalis and what caterpillars might dream while becoming butterflies. After researching the migration patterns of Monarchs, I decided to write When Caterpillars Dream as a fantasy with basic information about the incredible journey Monarchs take, flying south for the winter.

We have a Monarch habitat nearby where they congregate during the winter. I felt these two books might be a natural for sale at this habitat and at a local wildlife museum, as well as the normal bookstores, gift shops and children’s stores. And of course,  children (especially little girls ) love these amazing insects. I've learned it's always good to think ahead.


Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

They look good!

Kit Sloane said...

what lovely covers, too. we lived on Yerba Buena Island in the middle of San francisco where the Monarchs would rest before making their trip to Monterrey. What an adventure for us with them covering everything in sight for a day! How wonderful that you have chronicled this for young people.

Kit Sloane

Beryl Reichenberg said...

Thank you Marilyn and Kit for your kind words. Ever since I found out about Monarch's migration patterns and life cycle, I've been fascinated by these butterflies. It was such a treat to write about them. Beryl

John Brantingham said...

Congratulations on your books. They look great!

Justin Parker said...

Those look fun! I'll see if I can get our little North Carolina library to order it for us. If you have been interested just check out this site. :)