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Round-Up for Friday June 21, 2013

Welcome to the Round-Up everyone! Oak Tree Press has a lot of news to share this week. We have moving news, a new intern and also new releases. Oak Tree authors have a lot of news to share, as well. We have give-aways, speaking events, meet and greets and videos. We also have a lot of great reading material in our Blog Corral. So, sit back and hold on and head into our Round-Up!

At Oak Tree Press, moving prep has stepped up as the days have dwindled down…and now we are looking at a mere ten days left to be ready for the moving team’s arrival. We are hustling to complete a number of books before departure day, also. There’s not much room for error, but we are progressing. In fact, this week, we released two new titles: P. J. NUNN’s “Angel Killer” and our first entry into the Young Adult market, “Fall in Love with an Orange Tree or a Book.” This poignant novel by SHIRLEY HICKMAN portrays the strife in a teen’s life against the backdrop of immigration issues.

We would like to introduce a new addition to our Oak Tree Press family. CHRISTY DYER has joined us as an Acquisitions Intern. Christy has just graduated from Western Illinois University. She has a great love of books and reading…we think she will fit in just fine! Welcome to the OTP family, Christy! MARILYN MEREDITH, author of "Dangerous Impulses" and LORNA COLLINS, author of “Ghost Writer” have both interviewed CHRISTY on their blogs. Learn more about CHRISTY at www.marilynsmusings& and

DBR Books has posted an interview with BERYL REICHENBERG, children's picture book author and illustrator. The interview can be seen on Google+, as well as Beryl's website: Or you can click on the following link
DBR Bookspreviously reviewed Beryl's book, "The Mysterious Case of the Missing Birthday Cake" featured recently in the Round-Up.

BERYL’S  new children's picture book, Butterfly Girls,” has been reviewed by Vickianne Caswell. In addition, Vickianne has also posted an interview and a YouTube review of the same book. Calling the book, "well written and imaginative" she gave it 4.5 stars. To read the full review and interview follow the links below:
Website Interview

Website Review
Youtube Review

TERRY AMBROSE, author of “License to Lie,” conducted two workshops at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference. His workshops were titled "Creating dynamic characters through better dialogue" and "Creating Stronger Openings: A First Page Critique." He also participated on a panel titled, "Why you don't need a hammer to build a platform."

The following link is a promotional video from D. R. RANSDELL, all the way from Italy. Her book, “Mariachi Murder” has just been released. D. R. has been doing videos when possible. She just completed one in Orvieto, where she is teaching summer courses. D. R. has found that people are incredibly nice if you ask them small favors to help with promotion. This really surprised her, but she admits it's wonderful! For fun, here's her latest. The "tourist" is her brother. D. R. would like to credit SUNNY FRAZIER, author of "Fools Rush In," and her flash mob video or the idea (of doing a video) would have never occurred to her.

ROBERT WEIBEZAHL, author of the just released "The Dead Don't Forget," offers copies of his book to two lucky winners at a Good Reads Giveaway. The contest runs until June 25. Click the link to enter:

CAROL CRIGGER is giving away the Kindle version of “One Foot on the Edge,” the first of the China Bohannon series. Your chance to win ends June 23. This is one shot only, so don’t miss out and be sure to tell all your friends.  You don’t actually need a dedicated Kindle reader. Amazon gives free applications so you can read Kindle books on your phones, tablets, and of course, your computers. “One Foot on the Edge” can be found at   
CAROL welcomes you to post a review of the book on Amazon after you read it.

JACKIE TAYLOR ZORTMAN, author of the just released “We Are Different Now,” has been receiving a lot of positive feedback on her book. JACKIE's grandson, Pete, died in a tragic accident. Seeking solace in books, she found nothing available for greiving grandparents, so she sat down and began to write.  JACKIE feels that her grandson can live on inside her book, helping others with their grief. "We Are Different Now" is available on Amazon in paper and ebook formats. It is also availabe at Also, please check out JACKIE's blog at the following link:

HELEN OSTERMAN, author of the Emma Winberry series and the upcoming “Locked Within” has entered a contest with her story “The Night I Became Audrey Hepburn.” The contest is being held by Midlife Collage. Sounds like a great story, who doesn't love Audrey Hepburn? Good luck, Helen!


BERYL REICHENBURG, author of children's books, will be at the Coalesce Bookstore on Main Street in Morro Bay, CA on Saturday, June 22 from 2 pm to 4 pm to sign her Wildlife Series books, “Wild Africa, Elephant Families in the Wild,” “Wild Hippos” and “Backyard Birds.” She will also be demonstrating how to fold accordion books to children. Drop by and join the fun. 

QUINTIN PETERSON, contributor to Oak Tree's upcoming release, Felons, Flames and Ambulance Rides” has an event to share. International Crime Month is an initiative featuring acclaimed crime fiction authors, editors, critics, and publishers who will appear together in a series of readings, panels, and discussions from four independent publishers—Grove Atlantic, Akashic Books, Melville House, and Europa Editions. Please join authors Wolf Haas, Quintin Peterson and Zane Lovitt for a reading and discussion of international crime writing. Thursday June 27, 2013 at 7:00 pm

CAROL CRIGGER, author of “Two Feet Below” and “Three Seconds to Thunder” will be at the Pack &Tack Swap meet, a fund raiser for a local mule club to raise money for riding trails. The event is Saturday, June 22nd, at Smart Gardens, which is located on the corner of Argonne and Bigelow Gulch. If you’ve never been to Smart Gardens, you’ll want to check the nursery out, even if you don’t care about the mules--but shoot, who can resist those long-eared beauties? CAROL will be there from 9 to whenever with her China Bohannon series and her westerns. Drop by if you get a chance. The Smart Gardens landscaping is gorgeous. 

HELEN OSTERMAN will be at the American Library Association Convention on Sat. July 29 at the Sisters in Crime booth. She will be handing out postcards and book marks for her new title, “Locked Within” which is the 5th in the Emma Winberry Series.


On June 28, J.L. GREGER, author of “Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight,” will be blogging on "Setting Priorities Better" at Southern Writing Magazine blog. The blog can be found with following link:
From June 30-July 6, J.L. will be the guest on Pat Gilgor's Getting to Know Your Blog.

JOHN LINDERMUTH, author of “Sooner than Gold,” has a blog up as a tribute to a writer who inspired him. Check it out:

JOHN DANIEL, author of "Behind the Redwood Door," is hosting Robin Winter on  his blog this week. John asks you to please drop by and meet a wonderful writer!

MORGAN ST. JAMES, author of “Who’s Got the Money,” was the guest blogger on Morgen Bailey's Writing Blog in the UK. The topic was "Location, Location, Location." When writing, locations are important whether the book or story is light and funny or technically detailed. Get it wrong and you have a problem. Visit the blog and read the article, use the following link:

DAC CROSSLEY, author of the upcoming “Revenge of the Texas Ranger,” blogs about a little memory of Texas summertime. Can you relate? It is always a pleasure to read Dac's blogs.

JAMES CALLAN, author of “A Ton of Gold,” is busy on the blog scene again this week and next. Please use the following three links to keep up with JAMES.

   On June 17, he had an interview on Sleuths and Suspects. You can read up on it here: at

   On June 24, JAMES will have an interview and discussion of his new novel, “Character: The Heartbeat of the Novel” on Marylou Writes --

On June 25, JAMES has a guest blog on Venture Galleries. Please visit and click on blogs.

SHARON MOORE, author of the upcoming “Mission: Impastable… (don’t you just love that title?) says that bugs are the food of the future! Yes! Bugs! What do you think about that? She guest-blogged about the value of eating bugs at J. L. GREGER’s site at SHARON also posted recipes and more on her own blog: 

That wraps it up for this weeks Round-Up. I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoy putting it together for you. I am still working on getting a few glitches worked out but it is getting easier :) If you have anything to submit, please send me an email at
If you have any comments or suggestions, I am always available to discuss them. I will be working on updating the slide show and also the bookshelf on our blog page. Hopefully, I can accomplish these by next weeks issue but it all depends... Oak Tree Press keeps me hoppin'!
Everyone have a great weekend! - Suzi


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