Sunday, August 25, 2013

Today is my Book Launch! Locked Within, an Emma Winberry Mystery by Helen Macie Osterman, # 5 in the series.

       How does an author feel before a book launch? I spend weeks of preparation: sending postcards, e-mails, contacting local newspapers, posting on Facebook and Twitter and then reminders as the date approaches.

After I spend two hours baking Emma’s famous muffins, labor intensive but delicious, I think I’m ready.

There’s always excitement and a feeling of trepidation. What if no one shows up? What if the books don’t arrive on time? What if the weather is bad?

This particular book has a medical theme. As a retired nurse, I’ll give my audience a lesson in brain anatomy, some surprising facts. And, I asked and received a blurb from Michael Palmer, MD., New York Times best seller of medical thrillers.

 Usually my worries are for nothing. I generally have a good turn out and, since I am an experienced speaker, we all have a good time.

So I’m anticipating fun, food, and book sales!