Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Try This Spot: Lots of Blab, Few Rules, BSP Welcome

As publisher at OTP, I am always looking for ways and places to get the word out about our titles...and we all know there are bejillions of these groups on the internet, some with member counts rivaling small cities. But they all seem to have these Byzantine rules about what can and must not be said, discussed, pitched, panned or otherwise mentioned. Which of us can keep all that info straight..certainly not me, I usually end up pouting a lot after a few hours' surfing among these sites, disappointed that I was unable to promote any of our great titles.

Then I got the idea, why not have a site without all these rules? A place where authors can announce a new title, a freebie, a special price or promotion, brag about a great review, or announce the particulars of an upcoming event..or better yet, provide a hot link! Readers can see blurbs of books and comments that might encourage their interest or learn that there is an event at a shop in their area...readers can add their two cents, too. What did they like? What do they hope for? Chat with each other or directly to a favorite author!

So we are trying this at Book Biz Buzz  This is for all authors, regardless of  publisher, and any other pub biz folks who wish to join in, plus book fans of all stripes.

Like your basic chat groups, you can limit your email via the daily digest, or just see them all! So join in! We will be delighted to see you there!

Billie Johnson

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