Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Endorsements seem an important tool in selling books. With that in mind, I set about getting blurbs for my novel, “Sports Therapy for the Mediocre.”

When my sister-in-law had her book published, she wanted an endorsement from a Very Famous Person (VFP) who lived near me. Calls and emails to the VFP got no response. However, the VFP’s son was running for a local office here. My wife approached him and mentioned her sister trying to get in touch with his mother. The budding politician promised to help, and sure enough his mother wrote the blurb. (He lost the election.)

For my book, I thought of all the Famous People I knew. I wrote to each of them:

-Bill Lee, a former star pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, whom I had played football with one time.
-John Irving, famous novelist, who was a few years ahead of me in my school.
-Frederick Buechner, a respected but not as famous novelist, a former teacher of mine.
-Michael Palmer, best-selling author, an acquaintance.
-My sister’s ex-husband, who has written well-received sports books.
-A cousin, who has written numerous best-sellers
-Riva Poor, business guru, author of “4 Days/40 Hours” books, a friend.
-George Segal, TV star, a friend of my parents

Out of this, I got 3 blurbs (Lee, Poor and Palmer, who has since died), and a couple of nice notes:
-John Irving sent a very encouraging letter, saying he rarely writes blurbs, but would be glad to read my book when he was less busy.
-Mr. Buechner, who said he’s 88 and doesn’t do blurbs.
-My cousin’s secretary, who said his eyesight doesn’t permit much reading, and he doesn’t do blurbs.

My ex-brother-in-law and George Segal didn’t reply.

If you need endorsements for your book, brainstorm people you know who might help. You don’t know who’ll respond (a Major Leaguer I met once in my life), and you may get some nice feedback.

PS: After writing this, I got an offer from a friend who knows a actor/singer’s bodyguard. He was sure I could get an endorsement from the FVP...if I gave his bodyguard some money. I declined.

Donald Caplin
author “Sports Therapy for the Mediocre”

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