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Welcome to the Weekly Round-Up everyone! Thank you for dropping in. Oak Tree Press has lots of news in our corral today. Be sure to check out our website,, for a complete list of all the great books we have available. Autumn is here and time to snuggle up with a good book! But now, for your reading pleasure, our authors have news, book signings, events, reviews, blogs and more to share with you as we head into the Round-Up…

DAC CROSSLEY and OTP are pleased to announce that “Revenge of the Texas Ranger” has gone to print today! The wait is over for the last book in The Border Trilogy! Here is a descriptive blurb of the new book:

In this final novel of the Border Trilogy, Texas Rangers in Houston Texas battle an invasion by a gambling syndicate. Trouble explodes when Ranger Whitey Wilson is ambushed. His friends former Ranger Red Regan and Regan’s wife Mabel hurry to Whitey’s bedside. But it is old Nacho Yberra who smuggles Whitey away to safety. Regan’s son Captain “Buck” Regan arrives and sparks old enmities. He looks like Whitey, not Red. Who is Buck’s real father?

DAC was seen last week signing books at the Lickskillet Artists Show in Athens, GA. To the right is DAC's display table, note the horse herd at the lower left. DAC says he always has a few to give to the kids who come by. At Lickskillet, two of the “kids” were in their nineties...

And on DAC’s very popular blog he talks about Kitchen Music; a sometimes weekly event where an eclectic group gathers and plays a few tunes, old songs, rags and blues and whatever. Drag out your old guitar, three chords will do it.

VELDA BROTHERTON, author of “The Purloined Skull” has a Halloween giveaway going on at The Long and Short Reviews at A winner will be drawn from comments made through today.

VELDA also had “The Purloined Skull” tweeted to 23,000 followers on Ask David. Fabulous!

Bookbrowsing has a nice interview up of VELDA with the subject of Can Internet-only Promotion Really Work? Take a look and learn something with this article at:

Two OTP authors are running specials on their kindle editions.
“Locked Within” by HELEN OSTERMAN is running for FREE on November 10 & 11.
“Gray Ghost” by CHRIS SWINNEY will be 99 cents October 31 – November 4.
CHRIS shares his advice on “Effective Promotion.” Some really good tips here:
One solid year.  That’s what it took me to join, figure out, and successfully promote through social media.  During that time, there have been struggles and days I just didn’t want to post because I was sick of looking at a computer.  Sadly, those are the days sales would drop.  It’s a simple reality that in order to compete with the millions of other authors in the world, you need to understand and arguably embrace social media.  It’s one of the cheapest ways to promote your work and if you do something spectacular or just right, you, your brand, and what you are promoting could launch into a viral sensation.  I’ve developed a few do’s and don’ts with regard to social media that I think will help you streamline your attempt to maximize your use of social media.  For more pointers, check out my Goodreads Social Media 101 Group
DO’s: Be Yourself. Be Creative. Interact with people. Treat interaction on social media as though it is an interaction with someone in person. Be persistent yet patient. Interject your sales pitch with advice, news, quotes, and other things the reader might find useful. Consider using Hootsuite in order to broadcast one message one time to several social media sites at once.

DON’Ts: Do not join groups completely comprised of other authors looking to promote to other authors. Stay away from making stats or other “facts” up about you or your work. Don’t get bogged down with “the-next-big-thing” in social media-stick to Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Twitter, Goodreads, and Linked-In. Do not engage in a battle of wits with someone “just because” or because they give you a poor rating. Don’t compromise you or your brand “just to fit in.” Don’t join every single reader, writer, promotion, or author group on each of your social media sites.  Instead, take a moment to read and learn what each group is about and see if it will be a good fit for you and what you are trying to promote or accomplish.
Thanks for your time.  Don’t forget my novel "Gray Ghost" is on sale for .99 cents beginning October 31, 2013.

D. R. RANSDELL, author of “Mariachi Murder,” has been interviewed by Lucy Walton at Female First.

Order your copy of this great book today by clicking the cover under the Blog Book Feature of the week on the right hand column of the blog.

Andy Veracruz is content with his life as the leader of a mariachi band, but when his lover is accused of murder, he has no choice but to defend her. In the process he faces the loss of his strongest loyalties as well as his entire career.

TERRY AMBROSE, author of “License to Lie,” interviewed three authors this week: Oak Tree Press author Helen Osterman, bestselling author spy-thriller author James Bruno, and bestselling thriller author Libby Hellmann. He also was one of the few journalists to cover Operation Thriller IV, which was co-sponsored by the International Thriller Writers and the USO and sent five top thriller authors out to raise the spirits of our troops based in the U.S. and overseas. The Operation Thriller post and author interviews can be found on Terry's website at


LESLEY DIEHL, author of "Dumpster Dying" and “Grilled, Chilled and Killed” will join seven other local authors for a wine and cheese event tonight, Friday, November 1st. The book signing and selling party is at The Empire House in Gilbertsville, NY. The event is from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Be sure to stop by for the complimentary wine and snacks and to get your very own book signed by LESLEY.

LESLEY DIEHL was one of the featured bloggers at for Halloween. LESLEY’s blog is about the ghost that inhabits her cottage. Please visit, as Fred, the ghost, is very sensitive and craves attention especially at this time of year when he competes with other ghosts, goblins and witches. I am told he really hates vampires. Another bonus for checking out the blog…you could win a Fred approved book!

BERYL REICHENBERG, children's book author, will have a table at the Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove at their Open House on November 2 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The Butterfly Grove is part of the California Parks Service and is located along Highway One south of Pismo Beach. BERYL will be demonstrating accordion book making. Once the children have made their book, they will be encouraged to find out four facts about Monarch butterflies to write in their books and of course, draw pictures. The Butterfly Grove will be selling Beryl's new book “When Caterpillar's Dream” during the butterfly season which runs from November to March.

ILENE SCHNEIDER, author of “Unleavened Dead” will be at the New England Crime Bake November 6 - November 11. The event is being held at the Hilton, 25 Allied Drive, Dedham, MA.

Then, the ever-busy ILENE, will be at Ahavat Torah, 1179 Central Street, Stoughton, MA on Sunday, November 10, 2:30 pm.

MARY MONTAGUE SIKES will have a one-person exhibition of her Animal Art at Prince George Gallery in Williamsburg, November 1 – 30 with an opening reception tonight, November 1, from 5:30 - 7:30. In addition to the 26 “A to Z” paintings, she will show two larger works she created for book signings with her novel, Jungle Jeopardy.” One of those paintings is “Guatemala Parrot” shown here. She also painted “Billy,” the jaguar from her story.

RADINE TREES NEHRING, author of “A Fair to Die For” will be having an all-day book signing at T. Charleston and Sons Booksellers, Grand Village Shops in Branson, MO on November 15th, and will be at the quarterly Ozarks Writers League meeting at College of the Ozarks on November 16th. 
RADINE has a nice review to share from Shannon Patel from Cocktails and Books.

NICOLA FURLONG, author of the upcoming “Teed Off!” will be speaking on electronic publishing at the Greater Victoria Public Library on Thursday, November 21. The library is celebrating National Novel Month.


JOHN M. DANIEL, author of “Hooperman: A Bookstore Mystery” blogs this week asking: does every mystery novel have to have a murder? This week's blog post, "The Case of the Missing Corpse" is up now for your reading pleasure at:

EILEEN OBSER, author of the upcoming memoir “Only You” has a blog titled “Ghouls and Ghosts and All Things Spooky on the OTP blog. It is always a pleasure to read EILEEN's blogs and this one is no exception. Scroll down to take a look at it. Leave this new OTP author a comment and let her know what you think.

CORA RAMOS, author of "Dance the Dream Awake" says getting Halloween out of the way is a piece of cake to getting NaNoWriMo out of the way. CORA has agreed to the month long challenge. She asks if she is crazy for signing up!? Her first post is either Inspiration or Insanity. You decide:

That wraps up the Round-Up for this week. I hope everyone enjoys the Weekly Round-Up as much as I enjoy posting it for you.

As always, if you have something you would like to submit to the Round-Up, send me an email at Big or small, old or new. I would like to keep our corral full of news! Comments, questions or suggestions are welcome too. Have a great weekend, everyone.~ Suzi

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Beryl Reichenberg said...

Good advice, Chris on social media Do's and Don'ts. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming with so many groups out there and so many emails coming in. Beryl

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Always good to check in and see what all of you are doing. Great!

Eileen Obser said...

Thanks for the latest news, Suzi, and for mentioning my Halloween OTP blog.

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Exciting things on the blog this week and great advice from Chris. Great job, Suzi!
Marja McGraw

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Hello all - I'm new to OTP and my first novel will be out sometime in 2014. It looks like I have broken the mold for OTP as my novel is about WW II and the crew of a B-17, their adventures and misadventures while engaging in the air war and while in London. I've written a war biography of a B-17 bombardier and am finishing another non-fiction book on combat gliders for a publisher in the U.K. Hope you like WW II stories; I'm looking forward to my association with OTP.

Gary Best
"Tink's Tank"

Suzi said...

Welcome to the OTP family, Gary! Thank you all for the nice comments. I sure couldn't do it without you! ~ Suzi