Thursday, December 12, 2013

Planning Ahead

Or as I read in Marta McGraw's blog recently, getting a buzz on, is what I'm working on for my next Rocky Bluff P.D. crime novel.

Yes, it has a title: Murder in the Worst Degree.

I've had the book edited and I've gone over the galley proofs.

No cover as yet.

What will I do for promotion?

Not exactly sure yet.  I may do a blog tour, but it won't be as intense as the last one I did.

Paid ads? I've tried a few and I don't think they work any better than the free ones.

Facebook and Twitter? Oh yes.

I am planning to go to both Left Coast Crime and Bouchercon because they are both in California.

Yes, I'll plan some other inperson events--not sure exactly what, but I'll let you know.

On my own blog, inbetween my usual reviews and author promotion, I'll be writing little interesting bits about Murder in the Worst Degree.

There are so many of us out there with our books, it's necessary to do as much as you can to interest readers in buying our books.

So what are your favorite ideas for promoting you books?

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith


Janet Greger said...

You taught many of us what we know about publicizing books.

I also try to participate in Linked In groups. And I'm going to see if Rotary groups might like my talk on Science in Your Fiction. None of the ideas are exciting but you never know when you might catch someone's eye.
JL Greger,author of the medical thriller IGNORE THE PAIN

Lorna Collins - said...

I love doing local events. Unfortunately, those are fewer as time goes on. (We have no small bookstores in my area any more.) I do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The problem for us is that our platform is not genre-specific, so we end up being stretched pretty thin. our next book, THE MEMORY KEEPER, is an historical novel about San Juan Capistrano, so we expect to be doing local book signings and tie-ins with the mission and the historical society.

Haven't found the magic key yet.

Helen Osterman said...

I belong to a number of women's groups. They love to have me speak whenever I have a new book out. My health club also lets me put up a table in the lobby and sell books.
Recently two writer friends and I bought space at a local craft fair. It was worth it. We sold books and made contacts. So doing the craft fair circuit may be a thought for some of you.

thoniehevron said...

Your post was just in time: I'm working on my Long Term Marketing Plan for INTENT TO HOLD which will be released sometime next year, I hope. You have been a great role model and continue to give me terrific ideas.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Thank you, everyone who read my post and especially those who commented. I always like to hear about what everyone is doing to promote.