Tuesday, December 24, 2013


When I moved from my first apartment in Oskaloosa to the new apartment I was finally allowed a pet. I visited the local animal shelter and picked out a large cat said to have been a year and a half old. The staff had given him the unoriginal name of Tom, so I formalized it to Thomas. He grew into a fat-butt with a droopy stomach. At last report he was back up to his heaviest at thirteen pounds.

While in Oskaloosa, he enjoyed sitting in the window or outside on the sidewalk. Soon, I let him wander, with my accompanying him, for walks around the house. He's shy and unsociable, doesn't like strangers, or being around a lot of people. We took to walking around our neighborhood or uptown at the local square on late nights because there was less confusion, chaos, and few other people. I didn't get another cat so Thomas became hissy with any other cat. We sometimes met strays on our walks and a couple displayed their Alpha status. The first time it happened, Thomas turned around and head back home. It was the first time I'd heard him growl profanity.

He didn't like the move to the Keokuk area earlier this year, but soon acclimated to the trailer. Once again, we took walks as he campground was pretty quiet.

When we made the move to Carlisle (Des Moines area) he took some time getting used to the new apartment. But once I set up the couch in front of the window, he can now enjoy looking outside. We haven't taken any walks because of the weather, but maybe next spring.

Since I bought him in July and he was estimated to have been a year and a half, If figured Christmas would be a good birthday. So, tomorrow, he turns thirteen. He's my buddy, likes belly rubs, sleeping curled up next to my pillow, catnip, and treats when I wake up. The picture shown is with a collar so that must have been in his early days because I soon learned he doesn't like wearing a collar.

Stephen L. Brayton

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Billie Johnson said...

What a pleasure to meet Thomas!