Sunday, January 19, 2014

Is There A Problem?

        I called my doctor. His assistant answered. I asked if she could speak to the doctor and get some information for me about something that had happened a short while back.
            She said, "Bonnie you should be able to remember that."
            I said, "I can't remember what happened yesterday."
            "Do you realize that could be the start of a very serious problem? As we get older dementia or even worse can set in you know."
"Oh no," I said. "It's nothing like that. I'm a writer."
            There was silence on the other end of the line. Finally she said, "What has that got to do with it?"
            "I have all these people running around inside my head," I replied.
"After trying to keep track of all these characters—what they look like, what they are wearing, what they are doing—I do not remember what happened to me yesterday. Once I think something has been taken care of, I put it out of my mind and move on."
            "I think you're the character," she said and went to seek the doctor's help.
Not for my condition, (I don't think) just to get an answer to my question. When she returned with the information, I told her I would send her a copy of the children's story I was rewriting, so that she might better understand my situation.
I did, and then I never heard from her again. They said she took another job someplace else. (I hope that I had nothing to do with that.)
Sometime later, a woman in my writer's group was asked a question. She answered, "I have no idea. I can't remember what happened yesterday."

That's when I came to the conclusion that I was right all along. I am not coming down with dementia. It really is a writer's problem.

-------------Bonnie B.A. Kelly


Holli Castillo said...

I've never thought that the writing could be what causes my memory loss. I blame it on the kids, work, etc., but it really does make sense that if I'm remembering everything for this whole other universe, I can't be expected to remember everything that happens in my own. Especially when what I'm writing is infinitely more interesting and exciting than mine.

Beryl Reichenberg said...

Funny, Bonnie. I think we have all been there. Beryl