Thursday, February 6, 2014

Introducing...Michael Eldridge!

Hello OTP authors. Let me introduce myself. I was supposed to do this January 19th, but some strange gremlin in my computer won’t let me. Sooo, Suzi is by-passing my grumpy gremlin for me.
I have made a living as a musician/entertainer for 52 years. My music has taken me to 66 countries and 49 states. I played in hotels, resorts, night clubs, and on cruise ships. In my travels I have met literally thousands of people.
Now, at age 71, I am starting a new career as a writer. My first private investigator novel, Jack of Harts-A Spaghetti & Rice Mystery, will be launched May 6th 2014. If you live in OH. anywhere near Dayton, the book launch party/jazz jam session will be at Gilly’s night club from 7 pm. – 10 pm. Come listen to and/or play great jazz, and pick up a signed copy of my book.

-Michael Eldridge-

(all of my friends and the girls at OTP call me Mikey)

Please visit my website 

A Short Synopsis of Jack of Harts:

Retired Italian Homicide Lieutenant, Frank Borelli has started a private eye firm with his friend, retired Chinese call girl, madam, Ming Li Chow. Frank has a wacky Italian family, and three ex-wives. Ming Li has an 11-year-old son, Tommy, who is the offspring of the head of the Chinese Mafia in Boston, MA. Since retiring from her madam-ship, Ming Li took courses in criminal forensics, received a double black belt in Tai Kwan Do; and has become extremely proficient in the use of several firearms, and many different deadly weapons. She is definitely a person to be reckoned with. Several million dollars remain from her previous profession. Frank brings 22 years of experience in homicide and proficiency with his Glock .45, and Remington shotgun to the show. He is a scratch golfer and insists he has a black-belt in 9 iron. The name of their firm is Spaghetti & Rice Investigations.     

The Jack of Harts story line:

Tommy Chow’s best friend, Jack Hart and his mother, Jean, have found themselves tangled in a battle with the head of the local Colombian drug cartel in Boston, MA. Frank, Ming Li and the Spaghetti &Rice Investigations team are called in to help. Jean was involved in illegal money laundering and wanted out. Drug lords don’t let people out when they know as much about their business as Jean does. Carmen Diablo and his henchmen try to stop her, but are thwarted at every encounter by Frank and Ming Li, among others. The boy’s kidnapping, and an ingenious assault on the drug cartel compound and explosive mayhem ensue.


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