Friday, April 4, 2014

I just experienced the thrill of seeing my first novel in print, originally titled “Sports Novel”.

Now I need to make public appearances to promote the book.  In pondering remarks to precede a reading, I figured readers might want to know two things:
-How I got the idea for the book
-How I got the title.

How I got the idea for the book.  I don’t remember how I got the idea to write this book; it was fairly long ago.  But I came up with a good story:

Traveling down the Mass Turnpike one day, I saw a billboard that displayed a biblical quote: “God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well.” -Kings.

That made a good story for how I came to write a book about a client who goes to a sports psychologist to find a sport he is good at.

How I got the title
Originally I called it “Sports Novel” to distinguish it in my own mind from other books I’ve written, such as “Musical Novel” “Facebook Novel” and  “Novel Rewrite.”  I knew I needed a pithier title for publication.  I came up with these alternatives:

• The Sports Cure
• The Sports Patient
• The Sports Therapist [or Psychologist]
• Sports Psychology for Dummies

I figured the last might run into copyright problems.  Then I thought of one more:

•  Sports Therapy for the Uncoordinated

I ran the names by my friends, and they voted overwhelmingly for the last one. 

When blurbs started coming in, one of them was from former Major League pitcher Bill (Spaceman) Lee.  He said in part that when he played against me, I was “mediocre at best.”  Well, more people consider themselves mediocre than uncoordinated.  If he was going to call me that, I would incorporate it in my title:

Sports Therapy for the Mediocre
-donald caplin

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