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Welcome to the Weekly Round-Up everyone! Thank you for dropping in. Oak Tree Press has lots of news in our corral today. Be sure to check out our website,, for a complete list of all the great books we have available. But now, for your reading pleasure, our authors have news, book signings, events, reviews, blogs and more to share with you as we head into the Round-Up…

Spread the word! It’s time for the yearly Oak Tree Press writing contests! We have many genres to choose from: Dark Oak Mystery, Wild Oaks Western, Mystic Oaks Paranormal, Timeless Love Romance and Police Blotter. Novels must be 60,000 – 80,000 words, submitted electronically in a rich text, double spaced format, entry fee of $25.00 and submissions must be received by September 1, 2014. Grand prize in each genre is publication in paper and ebook formats! For complete information (including prizes, contract highlights, distribution and promo info) please visit 

Introducing “Mother Rabbit” written by Tekla Dennison Miller.
This title about a Playboy Club Bunny Mother was the winner of the 2012 Oak Tree Press Memoir Contest.

Alyce Bonura is a single mother who takes a position as the Bunny Mother of the Chicago Playboy Club to not only flee from a negative relationship but to pursue a career that guarantees financial freedom and upward mobility. Unfortunately, all is not what is assured or expected.

“Mother Rabbit” is a collaborative memoir about a woman, like so many others in the 1960’s, caught between living according to traditional societal mores and pursuing the promises of the feminist movement. Alyce’s stint as the Bunny Mother is set during a particularly turbulent era when even such a secluded environment as Playboy is affected by the Viet Nam War, the Apollo I tragedy and back alley abortions. Her story pays tribute to the women who had the courage to break free from the oppressive standards of the day while also dealing with the universal dilemmas of single mothers including abuse, financial crises, the special difficulties of parenthood and the quest for self-fulfillment.

SHIRLEY HICKMAN’s young reader book “Fall in Love with an Orange Tree or a Book” is a huge success with a teacher of a migrant education summer school program and his students. The children were able to keep their books which had been autographed by SHIRLEY. She says this has been an enormous ego trip for her! Here is an email she received from the teacher:

"We will finish your book today (Monday).  It has become a wonderful vehicle by which to connect vital language acquisition activities, teach analysis of good literature, and allow students a model for good writing.  To say they have enjoyed the book would be an understatement.  They will complete an expository post-test writing task this week using the skills we have worked to strengthen during our three weeks of intensive intervention."

“Fall in Love with an Orange Tree or a Book” explores the difficulties young illegal immigrants face and the shadow world they live in.      

When Elena Hernandez’s parents are suddenly taken away by uniformed men, she believes they were deported to Mexico. Only seventeen, she is left to care for her younger brother, Miguel and sister, Lupe. Elena struggles to support her family while pursuing an education. When a mysterious caller demands money for her parents’ return, Elena must choose between helping her parents or going to the police and risking deportation.

CAROL ALEXANDER and MISS LIBERTY got a special mention on TUMBLR! "The Big Squeal" was highlighted on Retro Campaigns, a classic political Tshirt company's page. It's quite a cute write up and I feel the same as the author when she says anything that starts "in the piginning" is okay by me!

And if you are in central IL this weekend by sure to stop by to see CAROL at the Assumption-fest. "The Big Squeal" will be spotlighted at a special literary event on Saturday, June 28. In the 1840s, noisy pigs wallowing under the Christian County courthouse floor were so loud that an amused Abraham Lincoln asked the judge for a “writ of quietus” for them. That witty request has caused ripples of smiles ever since. The true story of the county’s “pigstory” is written in the voice of a real life pig named LIBERTYCAROL will welcome visitors in front of the Assumption Historical Building at 2:00 this Saturday.

NICOLA FURLONG's swinging who-dun-it, "Teed Off," was featured in British Columbia's BC Bookworld's Summer 2014 Guide to BC Books and Authors. Fabulous!

WALTER LUCE has a great review of “Eva Pennington: Damsels of Diversion” to share with us. It comes from Amazon from a reviewer with the name Johnny Eyes:

"I have read the previous 2 books in the series and that enhanced the experience for this story but this story stands on its own. The story flows nicely with interesting characters and action of all kinds. Sexual activity is described in several sections and it is tasteful but graphic. Walter shows all sides of his damsels. Eva is the focal point but another couple of characters also move the story rapidly. A political banker with ties to Neo Nazi types who are carry over from Book 2. Luke Holder a detective gets involved in investigating several murders. As the story spirals to a conclusion you will find that you can't wait for Book 4. Walters style is fast moving interesting plot and characters. Enough said."

KEN OXMAN, author of "The Reluctant Assassin" had a nice gathering at the New Canaan Library last Thursday to talk about his upcoming book. KEN spoke for over an hour to a captivated audience. There was a question and answer to follow. KEN is welcomed back to the library when the book is released to speak again and will have books available for signing.


BERYL REICHENBERG, OTP children's author, will join children's book authors Heidi Gill and Destry Ramey on Saturday, June 28 from 1:00 – 3:00 at a Reading is Fun day at the Bookworm in Santa Maria on Betteravia, next to Pier One. They will read and sign their books, do a fun craft and activity table and hold a raffle. A percentage of the day's proceeds will be donated to the Santa Maria Humane Society. This is the first in a series of similar events to be held in the future at other local bookstores and toy stores.

EILEEN OBSER, author of memoir “Only You,” will be at Author Talk at the East Hampton Free Library on Saturday, June 28 from 1:00 – 2:30. The library is located at 159 Main Street in East Hampton, NY (631-324-0222) 
Stop by to see EILEEN and get an autographed copy of her book.

MARILYN MEREDITH, author of “Murder in the Worst Degree” her latest in The Rocky Bluff PD series, will be joining other members of Central Coast Sisters in Crime on a panel about different phases of publishing on Saturday, June 28 from 1:00 – 3:00, at the Lompoc Library, 501 E. North Ave., Lompoc CA.  MARILYN will be speaking about e-publishing.

VIRGIL ALEXANDER, author of “Saints & Sinners” will be having a book signing on June 28 from 1:00 – 3:00 at the Phoenix Metro Center Barnes & Noble located at 10235 N. Metro Parkway East in Phoenix, AZ (602-678-0088).

"Saints and Sinners" is my featured book of the week! Click the cover in the right sidebar to order direct from the publisher.

LORNA COLLINS, author of “Ghost Writer” is celebrating the first anniversary of The Cottage Gallery on Los Rios at 31701 Los Rios St, San Juan Capistrano, CA. Please stop by and see her and her husband LARRY in the back garden on Saturday, June 28 between 1:00 and 3:00. 
They will have all their books with them, including their latest, “The Memory Keeper,” a historical novel set in San Juan Capistrano in the 1800s. Buy a signed copy of the book, or bring yours and have it signed by the authors. And keep in mind, it’s not too early to start thinking about holiday gift giving!  (You can also buy the book at any time in the gift shop of Mission San Juan Capistrano.) They will also have a raffle and other surprises.

J.L. GREGER will be speaking on "Science in Your Fiction" to the Humanist Society of New Mexico on Saturday, July 28 at Botts Hall in Albuquerque. She'll also sign copies of her medical thriller/mysteries: Ignore the Pain,” “Coming Flu,” and “Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight.”

THONIE HEVRON will read from her upcoming book, “Intent to Hold,” during a bookstore event at Copperfield's Books in Santa Rosa, CA this Sunday, July 29 from 7:00 – 8:00.  "Hot Summer Nights" features 4 weeks of readings that include Love and Poetry, Short Stories and Children's/YA during July. THONIE will be one of four Fiction readers at the free event which is co-produced with Copperfield's Books and Redwood Writers.


JOHN LINDERMUTH, author of “Sooner than Gold” blogs about the anniversary of the typewriter. The typewriter, an instrument we’ve all had occasion to adore, blaspheme and abuse. A blog on the subject awaits comment:

DelSheree Gladden of The Edible Bookshelf has launched a Summer of interviews. Below is the list, dates, and links to each interview. The link will NOT work until the day specified at 8:00am MST.

MICHAEL MATSON, author of “The Dancing Boy” has a blog tour coming up.....below is his schedule for the next few weeks with more dates in an upcoming WRU.

July 1st - Arlene Mullen - My Life, Loves and Passion

July 3rd – Patricia Green will be hosting a Book Spotlight with a Book Excerpt –
Room With Books -

July 10th - Rhonda Laney - Read A Lot Blog

July 17th - Mareena McGirr - Emeraldfire's Bookmark

LORNA COLLINS, author of “Ghost Writer” finished up her trip to Paris. Click the following link for the grand finale of her France Journal:

That wraps up the Round-Up for this week. I hope everyone enjoys the Weekly Round-Up as much as I enjoy posting it for you. 

As always, if you have something you would like to submit to the Round-Up, send me an email at Big or small, old or new. I would like to keep our corral full of news! 
Comments, questions or suggestions are welcome too.
Have a great weekend, everyone.~ Suzi
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Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Great Roundup, as usual. Boy, are we ever a busy bunch of authors!

Beryl Reichenberg said...

This is one of my favorite places to be on Fridays just to see what everyone is doing. Beryl

Eileen Obser said...

Thanks, Suzi, for all the listings of new books, author events and blogs -- all the news of the week for us!

Amy Bennett said...

Of course, I forget to send Suzi a heads up about my "Back Deck Blog Blitz", which begins Wed. July 1! OTP author John Wills will be kicking it off, followed by Holli Castillo on Friday, July 4! Here is the line up and I'll b sending Suzi the schedule to include in the Round Up next week!

Wednesday, July 1—John M. Wills
Friday, July 4—Holli Castillo
Wednesday, July 9—Marilyn Meredith
Friday, July 11—Lorna Collins
Wednesday, July 16—Walter Luce
Friday, July 18—Ilene Schneider
Wednesday, July 23—James R. Callan
Friday, July 25—Carolyn Niethammer
Wednesday, July 30—Janet Greger

Amy Bennett said...

Whoops, John Wills will kick off the blitz on July 2 (Wednesday) not on July 1!