Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Donald Caplin, author
Sports Therapy for the Mediocre

To establish credibility, a book needs to have quotes from noted people. In looking for blurbs, I thought of all the famous authors I knew:

Michael Palmer, best-selling author, a bridge colleague

Riva Poor, co-author of the classic book “4 Days/40 Hours,” a friend

Oliver Sachs, best-selling author, a cousin of mine

John Irving, best-selling author, schoolmate

Frederick Buechner, highly respected novelist, a former teacher

Brendan Boyd, author of sports books like “Blue Ruin,” my sister’s former husband

Then I thought of other famous people I had met:

Bill Lee, Red Sox pitcher, I played against once

George Segal, noted actor, a friend of my late parents

I sent them all queries with a self-addressed stamped envelope.  I got back some very nice notes:

John Irving said he was busy with his own book, rarely wrote blurbs, but would look at it later (after publication date).

Mr. Buechner said at age 88, he was not writing blurbs, but encouraged my writing.

Cousin Oliver’s secretary wrote that he didn’t feel qualified to blurb, since he didn’t write novels himself.

My letter to George Segal came back twice, and I hadn’t found his address as we went to press.

I got very nice blurbs from Palmer (shortly before he died), Lee, and Poor.  You’ll see them on my book cover.

My ex-brother-in-law never answered.

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